Tentative riding plan

Bangalore – Pune (thru Chitradurga, Hubli) (835kms)
Pune – Mahabaleshwar (120kms from Pune)
Pune – Malwan – Tarkarli (via Kolhapur, 248kms + 166kms + 6kms)
There are two access roads to Malwan from Kolhapur. One is via Gaganbawda ( Let’s call it GB) and one is via RadhaNagri – Phonda.We took the GB route. So from K’pur, it was GB ghats, Vaibhavwadi, Tarele, Kankawli , Kasaal and to Malwan. The distance is about 166 KM’s.
Malwan – Devbaug (8kms from Malwan)
Malwan – Karwar (thru Goa 546kms, no halt)
Karwar – Bangalore (via Shimoga, Chitradurga) (520kms)

Karwar – Shimoga – Sagar (heard Sagar is nice place but bad roads, need to find accomodation sombody’s house) (non-commercialized) (Sagar is an option, 72.4kms from Shimoga) (3rd October) (night stay)
Shimoga – Bangalore (thru Chitradurga) (380kms)

The trip is planned between September 27th till October 4th. Any inputs are welcome.


Packed schedule

Upcoming few months looks very packed indeed.
Sep 27th – Oct 5th -> Riding to Bangalore – Pune – Bangalore. Would be riding along the coast. So expect a full tanned face and body… A temporary tattoo on my left hand… Loss of weight…
Oct 18th – 19th -> Barcamp Chennai…
Nov 9th -> Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
Nov 16th -> Ultra Marathon, Bangalore. current plan is to do 50kms… with regular running next month alternate days of 21kms and weekend of 40kms I would then try for 75kms…
Dec 20th – 27th -> Cycle trek in Goa

Fortune Hotel – Bad service

On Thursday (18th September) visit to Fortune Hotel in Whitefield was worth forgetting. They did not provide napkins or tissue paper while having food. Finally few tissue papers came after repeated requests.
A can of coke which is sold at Rs.15/- outside is billed Rs.95/- all because they give a glass with lemon.