Adai – Recipe

Adai is a typical Indian (Malayali/Tamilian) dish, made similar to dosa. For simplicity for other countries similar to pancake but not tasting anywhere close to pancake.
I made a small change compared to how they make it typically in South India. I used mixed pulses for higher protein content.

Mix pulses (1/2cup)
Red lentils (2 spoons)
Yellow lentils (2 spoons)
Rice (1/2 cup) {Not jasmine rice because it has flavor}
Red chillies (2 – 3 in number)
Green Chillies (1 – 2 in number)
Spinach leaves (1/4 cup)
Onion (1 big)

Wash the pulses and rice. Soak them in water for 3 – 4 hours. Warm water would be good.

Cooking Procedure:
After the time of soaking, grind pulses and rice together with red chillies, green chillies and required quantity of salt. Make sure that the grinded mixture is neither watery nor a thick paste. If required you could add additional salt after grinding.
Now cut onion into small pieces and add to the grinded flour along with cut spinach leaves. Mix the contents.
Take a frying pan and preheat on the stove. Once the pan is hot, take a ladle or two of  flour and pour on the pan. Swiftly spread it to make a circle. Make couple of holes in between. By the outer circumference of the circle add little oil and also into the holes made. Once it is cooked, it would come up slightly. At that time use a flat ladle and turn it around. Make sure it is cooked on both sides. Then take it out and store in hot pack case. Clean with a spoon on of water and the flat ladle.
Repeat the procedure for next one and the next till the flour gets over.
You could make bigger adai or smaller depending on your interest.

Adai goes well with avial. Click here for recipe of avial.

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