Driving License – The Learning (2)

Read the initial process here. (Click the link)

The learning is the most important part especially for people from countries where the driving is on left side of the road, like in England.
The first step is to sit on the other side and to ensure driving on right side of road. One point I always kept in mind, now and before is that the while driving, the median on the road is always next to the hand on the door.
In Czech Republic like other countries in European Union, rules are very similar. Make sure to read the road signs and understand what they mean. On a junction if there is a sign board with letters “STOP” do stop for few seconds with best view of all directions.
Another most important is the speed limit in residential zone. Thirdly, beware of public transport. If there is a tram you give priority to the tram. Fourth is the bus, keep an eye for the indicator before overtaking when it is standing at the stop. Fifth is entering into and exit at circle/roundabout.
Maintain speed limit at all times on the road. Do not be smart if the road is empty! For all other rules, the instructor from driving school would teach you and also share the full content.
Learn to park the car.

Sometimes we may it is not required, but still learn the internals of the car like how to check engine oil, brake fluid, the water for windshield viper. Then the lights in the front and back. The breakdown kit and the tyre size and air volume to be filled.

I took couple of classes to get used to first looking at the signs on the side of the road. Later I started to recognize the sign boards and what they mean.
In my case since I took classes from AutoSkola Real, Brno, the instructor Rene Foral was very helpful and patiently explained the rules. He also ensured that rules are followed along with other tips.

By the rule, it is mandatory to take 14 classes before appearing for the exam. Each class would be 1.5hrs duration. If extra classes are required, the driving school would help in that.

Happy learning.

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