Sunfeast World 10k – 23rd May 2010

It was a good weather to run. Though few minutes within starting I was sweating like crazy. Before that it was a long wait till the gates opened, post elite mens & womens category. Almost the entire route was under green cover which provided the necessary shade.
I made one mistake though. I did not empty myself (piss) before starting to run and it mattered a lot. From 6th km mark I was hunting for a spot. Most compound walls were occupied and there was a queue getting formed near the mobile toilet. What was the other option to hunt for alternative spot. And by this I did loose out on some time.
For the entire 10kms I took only 3 sips of water. And in the end my timing showed about 54+mins. Am still waiting for the official time result.
This time there was no Nike Corporate Face-Off so few minutes lost didnt matter. Otherwise maybe I would have had second thoughts before hunting for spots!!
Post run refreshments, were not interesting. To save a packet for others I did not collect it also.

Some points that I keep wondering still:
1. Why do public rush towards the start line like mad. Each one has a chip and timing is based on that. Why are people are not patient?
2. If you are walking within the first km then why register? If someone else registered why waste their money?
3. If you start walking move towards the side and dont block the path.
4. When throwing water bottles move to the side and throw it down. Why throw the bottle in trajectory motion or parabolic?

529(overall rank) 8021(bib number) SATHISH KRISHNASWAMY 453(category rank) 00:09:56(1.7km) 00:14:07(2.5km) 00:25:13(4.65km) 00:30:38(5.65km) 00:49:54(9km) 00:55:13(10km)

3 thoughts on “Sunfeast World 10k – 23rd May 2010

  1. 1. It is the traditional behaviour of us. Whenever the gates are opened you need to push and rush to whatever spot or target:-)↲2. Maybe club the 2 queries, even if i walk i’m also a participant and if you are bigger runner, do a trajectory and go might be the mentality:-)↲3. For 4th question pure stunt and nothing else and need to show people that they won’t even slow down for this silly things:-)

  2. Most first-timers don’t know how the chip timer works and panic after the starting gun shot. The website and paper hand-outs clearly ought to mention that it is no use rushing.
    Any amount of technical explanation about the chip cannot replace those words.

    Most 10k runners are trained to start off slow and pick up their speed after a couple of km.

    I totally agree that walkers in the middle of the road are huge annoyances as are groups of people standing still to have their pics taken.

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