Jilla (Tamil) – Movie Review

Another of only hero type movie. Vijay our hero, Kajal Agarwal as heroine, Mohanlal and Parota Soori.
Kajal Agarwal one would wonder why she is there in a hero subject except hero gripping her back as a revenge return for what Kajal Agarwal did to Vijay.
I believe movies today should also show another warning message “Eve-teasing is an offence and not encouraged except in movies”.

What is the story?
Vijay (Shakhti) sees his father killed by a cop and hates anyone in khakhi uniform. He brought up by Mohanlal (Shiva). Mohanlal is a don and to get even with police force puts vijay into the force.
By turn of events Vijay starts his action against Mohanlal to prevent him from doing anything wrong further. This brings Mohanlal to remove ties with Vijay and also kill him.

What would happen towards the end is anybody’s guess.

Movie has nothing much to offer. Songs would be forgotten, nothing on comedy front, Kajal Agarwal doesn’t do anything big.
Background score is also disappointment.
Vijay’s usual punch dialogues go without any punch.

Could be avoided. My rating 1.5/5.


Nanban – Movie Review (Tamil)

A remake of the Hindi movie “3 Idiots”, I would have expected a title “3 muttalgal” for the tamil version. But its titled “Nanban” meaning “Friends”.

“All izz well” with the movie especially when Shankar took the task of directing the remake. Shankar has taken care of each details from the original movie and did not leave any loopholes nor screw up the script.

The storyline is well known. Vijay, Shrikanth & Jeeva join Ideal Engineering College and become thick friends soon. And they are roommates too. They play pranks, fix a helicopter for another student who commits suicide, takes up on the principal (Satyaraj). Love happens between Vijay & Ileana (Satyaraj daughter) after the 3friends crash to a wedding.

What all happens is known if one had watched “3Idiots”. If you have not watched “3Idiots” then I wouldnt be a spoilsport.

The songs were typical and pleasant to hear from Harris Jeyaraj. The locations were carefully chosen. All within TamilNadu from Chennai to Ooty to Danushkodi.

Maybe Vijay could have shaven his mustache too. Would he have looked like schoolboy then?

Watch it and enjoy the movie. My rating 3/5.

Sura (Tamil) – Movie Review

Samadhanama poga naan onnum pura illa da sura da.
En mela kai vekarthuku munadi oru vaati yoshiko, aduku appram yosichu veka kai irrukadu.

Thiru Illaya Thalapathy Vijay avargale, ippadiye pesita irrunda appram un padam paarka enda sura vum varadu enda pura vum varadu. Neenga oru quarter appram biriyani vaangi koduthalum yaarum varamataanga. Neenga unga padatha paarkardu unda.
Ungalai paaratanum. 50th movie la I was waiting for 50 punch dialogue’s. If at all you gave 50 punches sorry I missed it.
Eager fans who whistle for you @ the beginning during your introduction stop at the next 10seconds and rest of the time is passed when the movie will get over.
In theaters elsewhere people would have gone out for smoke and would be spending more time there than inside watching the movie. These days with smoking being banned people run outside to grab popcorn or visit the toilets. Why toilets avalo vaandi varudu un punch dialogue ketu ketu.
Infact I started sleeping mid-way thru the movie and luckily intermission came 5mins after that.
Ungaluku ellam manasakchiye illaya. Eppadi ippadi oru padam eduka mudiyudu. Same story, similar punch dialogues, similar music. Is there something new in Sura which we have not seen in other movies of yours truly.
Adu eppadi saar nadu kadal (middle of the sea) lerndu neenji kadarkarai ku vareenga. Sura does not come to land. Either movie title maathunga illa kadaiya maathunga. Ippadi rasigargala torture pannadeenga.
For all that I walked all the way to theater in pouring rain to watch your movie. The signs were obvious that Gods didnt want me to watch your movie but I defied all those. I need compensation from you for undergoing yet another torture.

What is the name Amberla for Vadivelu. The comedy in the movie can be passed over. It was just waste of time. None of his jokes tickled me nor others in the theater.
Tamanna, what are you doing in the movie. The front benchers are not happy with your dancing. You didnt add value to the movie. Just because there has to be a heroine in the movie Tamanna is there. Otherwise it would be gayish movie.
What is Riyaz Khan’s role in the movie.
Mani Sharma, your music has not left any impression. Why is there resemblance to “My name is Billa”, “En peru Padayappa”? Nothing to comment on background score.

Since Sura is an animal found in waters, the camera man has to shoot pictures of sun (not to forget Sun pictures) with water in background, foreground.

Sun Pictures, thamizh naatila kalacharam prachanai. Edu kalacharam nu yaarukum theriyala. If Kushboo says her views on pre-marital relation its against culture. If Kamal Hassan names a movie Sandiyar it can spoil culture.
In one song in this movie can how there be four girls dancing behind Tamanna in bikini? Is it allowed since they are foreigners? Either Tamanna could have been cast in bikini or she refused or shes Indian so it could be against our culture or viewers might ignore her and look at others. Why Sir this kind of approach on kalacharam (culture).

It will take sometime for me to get over this movie. This feeling is worse than getting dumped by girlfriend.