DD & Cricket telecast

One govt orginsation favours the other and so DD ends with the rights for all the cricket games played in India. This clears BCCI of the controversy of giving rights to other channels like ESPN, Ten Sports, ZEE and Sony and many more if there are.

The ones affected by this deal is the viewers. For one the commentators are not as expressive as the ones we hear to in ESPN/Star Sports.

Second and most importantly lies in the telecast itself. Immediately after the last delivery (read 6th ball) is bowled there are lines which come up showing “Hutch TV” . If there are more than 6 balls in that over than the control again goes back to match after showing this clip.

Once the batsman strikes the ball (last ball of the over) we dont even know what happened. After a line of advertisements the telecast starts from the second ball of the next over. The first ball of each over is seldom shown. So in the end the viewer sees only 4 deliveries in an over.

Will there be a change in the attitude of DD in its telecast??


Engo keta kural

oru sirupin sattham

kudathil kallai pothu atthum sattham

thirumbi paarthaal yaarum kannum

anda osai en manadhil padindu vithadu

aanaal mugam theriyadu

saapidum bodu anda osai

thoongum bodu anda osai

meendum sandipena endru manadhil oru alai oru thaagam

konjam naal kazhithu meendum anda osai ketadu

thedinen aanaal kandu pudika mudiyavillai

en manadhi oru eerpu oru thaniyada thaagam

satham illada thanimai keten

konjam matram adainthen

siridu kaalam kayithu

en kalyanam ninachika pathadu

ennaku vara pogum manaivi idam

oru sandippu appodu oru joke

adai thodarndu oru sattham

kudathi kallai pothu urthum sattham

avala ival

engo keta kural