Chennai Trail Marathon – Ultra Marathon

7th September 2014 marked completion of yet another Ultra Marathon in the year 2014. The distance I covered was 50kms.
The previous night I reached the venue with my school mate Arvind who was running 21kms. We reached the venue of Gojan Public School around 10:00pm and after a quick round of dinner searched space for sleeping. After sleeping for some time, I woke up thinking it was 3:30am and time for getting ready and get in line for the run. Apparently it was just 2:30am. I went to the toilet only to find that there was no water in gents toilet. At the other end of the wing in ladies toilet there was water flowing. At that time of night does it really matter. I finished my work to find more people standing outside.
Noticing it was still early I clicked some snaps of volunteers getting ready for their work and went off to sleep in the kitchen.


In the meantime I had changed to my running attire too. I woke up later and finished remaining activity of getting ready and was in warm-up section.




5:00am we were off as planned and that was a good thing. But it was not so great for me. I find it difficult to run without sunlight for navigating through the terrain. There was slush around the initial kms thanks to previous night rain. It was definitely not that bad as it was in 2013.
After few kms finally there was some sunlight. After losing pace in first few kms, I got into rhythm. It was steady and I was enjoying the terrain and the route. I did not stop to click any further photos. It was really an exciting trail. It had mix of running through canyons, top of dam, fields, forest, vast expanse of land and some tar roads.
There was even a house who were rearing ducks and I took a moment to look at them. By now I was also making up on time. I was almost on track of 6mins/km. I was increasing my pace, grabbed chocolates, ground nuts and lime with salt and oranges from the water stations apart from regular water and glucose. Everything was going fine. When I was crossing 29th km into the 30th km I had taken around 3hrs which was good and was feeling proud of myself. Then slowly started the build of acidity in my stomach. I wanted to burp but it wasn’t coming out. I was finding it difficult post 33rd km mark. I pushed a little. It was tough and I slowed down to walk from 35th km till 42nd km. In the 7kms of walking I was thinking of dropping out and give up after 42kms.
I reached the 42km mark took a U-Turn and got a nice ice pack massage. Then I thought if I could come till here let me push myself to finish the 50kms.
I took off and managed to reach 44th km mark. Some more refreshments and I reached 46th km. I took a nice water shower. And I was feeling fresh. I did not stop after that. I ran the remaining distance to cross the finish line. The timing was not what I had in my mind earlier. But I managed to finish in about 6hrs and 20mins. I was happy that I did not carry “Did not finish” tag.

Overall the organizing of the run by Chennai Trekkers Club was amazing. They did not leave any stone unturned. Be it marking of routes with directions, marking with km markings, volunteers, water stations. Everything was taken care to last detail.
Now looking forward to next run to be conducted by CTC and also not to fall short of fitness during the run.