Nazar – Movie review

Yesterday I watched the movie Nazar. This movie is in the limelight for sensual scenes and Pakistani actress Meera. Firstly to say, I did not find anything sensual in the movie, nor Meera was impressive. She looks like just another one. There is nothing special about her. Regarding her acting the less said the better, same holds true with other cast in the movie.
The story goes like this, Mumbai dance bar girls are murdered. Meera encounters one dancer who lies on the highway fighting for life. She has the psychic powers to see what is happening and who is getting murdered, the director wants to keep the suspense by not showing in her vision who it is. The lady police does not buy her story but our hero does accept her story. To build up the suspense the psychatrist doctor as probable villian and also Meera’s uncle. Finally alls well that ends well. If you are a movie buff you would know who the killer is, its very easy to find out. The director is unable to keep the suspense.
As in any other movie the hero (Ashmit Patel) always survives even after being shot once and stabbed on the back twice.
God save bollywood.

Dark side of Bangalore

India’s best cosmopolitan city has a real dark side. Past one week every evening it rains till night. Well, that is not the problem. It really cools off after rains and justifies that claims that Bangalore is real cool place. But the problem along with this cool climate the power goes off in all places. The moment rain starts the power gets screwed up why God only knows. There will then be no power till morning plunging whole of Bangalore into darkness.
The electric poles and trees fall down left right & center. I believe the reason for these falling down is loose soil. With so much construction activities happening the soil looses its power to hold the trees & poles.
Will there be a solution for this??

Mani Ratnam – Definitely one among the best directors

Times magazine has come out with its 100 Great Films and wonder what our Mani’s Nayakan features in that list. It describes that movie as defining moment of his career. Other Indian movies in the list are Satyajit Ray’s Apu Trilogy and Guru Dutt’s Pyasa.
This definitely should be a proud moment for Mani and his cast and South Indian film industry which has always got overshadowed by the marketing powers of Bollywood.
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The list from Times.

What a way to spend a Sunday

Yesterday was a day I would like most of my days to be like. I went to bed at 1:00am and was awoken on Sunday morning around 7:45am by my housemate. After getting up I read morning newspaper and went to Krishna Kafe for my usual breakfast of Pongal + Vadai. There I met my ex-housemate and his dad. From there I went to my friends house then back to my house for sleep. After sleeping for 2hrs had a refreshing bath and again to Krishna Kafe for lunch. After lunch back home for sleep. Got up around 6:00 in the evening to find it raining. Just went out to have a feel of the rain and got my pants fully drenched. Back home there was no power again slept for 1hr and went to same place KK for dinner. Spent sometime looking around and after paying the elctricity bill was back home by 10:30pm and managed to sleep again by 11:00pm.
This is how one should spend a one-off day!! Filled with sleep and food and nothing else. My poor car was crying for me to take it out but I need some time for myself!!

Girl definitely required

On Saturday I was out with my friends to Amoeba for a game of bowling and then to a place called Tavern in Church street. We then thought we would go to Thaika on Church street. We know that this is a dance place (where you can move yourself to the music). When we went there a big statement “No stags only couples allowed”. Now where do we get a girl from?? Why does all these dance clubs have a taboo on stags. We were about 5 in number and that included two German guys. Atleast if not for we Indians we thought they might allow for Germans, even that did not work out. What a pity, if a guy wants to dance then he should be out with a girl!!
Is it that all guys create issues??
Definitely one needs a girl to go around in Bangalore.
Something was also wrong on Saturday, there were cops all around Brigade Road/MG Road and asking all hotels to close down by 11:30pm. Normally, Empire Restaurant which is open till 2:00 – 3:00 in the morning also pulled down its shutters on police instructions.

Congrats Achal

I surely dont know if Achal would be reading this at any point of time but congrats to him. He was a member of the team which won the Computer Associates Ingres Million Dollar Challenge. He happens to be two years junior to me @ REC, Trichy (currently National Institute of Technology, Trichy) where I did my Master of Computer Applications.
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Joe Satriani show @ Bangalore

One evening which went well. Joe Satriani on his world tour halted at Bangalore yesterday after performances in Mumbai and Kolkatta. Though the turnout was not as good as it was for Bryan Adams show but this turnout was really appreciative of the music he played. Am happy to be part of the crowd and watch him playing live. He just showed why hes the God of guitar. Lot of lessons to learn from him. Am myself not a big fan of Joe but still listen to his music, it was just awesome. Just pray he comes again to India.