Self Introspection – 2-Wheelers

Being a non-peak time of the year for traffic on the roads of Bengaluru, this post is about 2-wheeler riders and their habit(s).

Read my earlier post here.

2-Wheelers, I actually love them and hate them. I love them for the way they cut through traffic and between vehicles to save time and reach destination faster.

Most of the 2-wheeler riders though have peculiar characteristics.

  1. The rear-view mirrors are either facing the sky or the ground or the rider’s face. It is not used to spot vehicles coming from behind. Many do not have rear view mirrors, so no tension.
  2. Helmet though a must there are many who ride without wearing one, even on main roads.
  3. The way we stand at a signal is like two bikes almost colliding at each other side-ways. The other day a 2-wheeler had kept his handle bar so close to my bike almost touching my rib cage. And thats the way they squeeze out of traffic too!
  4. The headlight would be on in the morning till someone points out. In the night after riding back to destination they hardly switch of the headlight before taking out the ignition key. Stop, put side stand and take the key from ignition and go inside. This means in the morning the headlight is on!
  5. To answer a call on mobile phone there is no need to stop by the side of the road and talk. Pluck the mobile out from pocket, tuck it inside the helmet towards the ear and talk. If no helmet then croon the head to one side, hold the mobile between shoulder and ear and talk. There are many on vehicles like activa who would hold mobile with left hand and ride with right hand!
  6. Indicators! Wow! Even though there is a switch to indicate left or right turn, it is rarely used. I do not know if it being saved for a rainy day. Alternatively, hand signals can be used. Unfortunately many are not aware of all hand signals. Blame it on RTO and Driving Schools.

All said and done, 2-wheeler riders are unique. They go through all abuses from bigger vehicles, dust thrown on to the face, barely escaping from spits of people sitting inside buses, navigating through street dogs, people running across the roads, traffic constable taking the keys off at first instance. So many hurdles and still rules!

Free Basics & Facebook

To facebook chief and to all others, I would support your interest in increasing your economic situation if you could also highlight social causes that benefits.

  1. one instance via where people got educated and refrained from raping a girl.
  2. a report where internet reach has stopped men from ogling at women and especially firangis.
  3. where casteism has been neutered.
  4. an individual has got reach to basic constitutional rights.
  5. along with free basics of internet every house will have one free toilet.
  6. the employment rate will increase.

Being a follower of crime patrol series, there are instances where social media had been used for wrong purposes.

We were colonized century back when people came in in the name of business and took over our space. We struggled and struggled till 1990 when the doors where opened up for economic reforms.

I do like that internet reaches every individual in India unfortunately we have bigger problems which need to be resolved first. And am against the colonization from social media or internet giants. Once colonized God only knows when we will get our next freedom and socio-economic reforms.

Atleast I need better convincing strategies from you. It is a pity that though being social media giant print media help is required to push in this colonization.

Slow death of Nexus 4

What was initially a wonderful phone and the love of using it not just the features the camera of mobile even replace my digital camera.

Slowly time changed. During previous trip my phone Nexus 4 started heating up so much that while travelling I had to keep it close to the A/C vent to cool it down.

In past week the phone would shutdown by itself and restarting everytime became a pain. Read my earlier post here. The support from Google did not resolve the problem neither LG service.

Last few days the phone went closer to death. When removed from charging point within few minutes it would get switched off. The funny part is the phone has to be on charging mode entire day to perform any operation!

Its time to bid farewell to a phone I liked. Thanks Google for no proper response anywhere. You were supportive in saying GoodBye to Nexus 4.

Yauatcha (Restaurant review)

Its been sometime since I was a member in WowTables. Last night decided to go for a restaurant via WowTables.
We chose a 6-course meal with Yauatcha. It looked to be like another fin dining restaurant. Dim lights, open kitchen visibility from tables, lot of people and noise.

The restaurant has a separate menu for customers/guests via WowTables. We chose a soup to being with. Man I could not believe from what I saw when the coup came to the table. I was impressed. From watery boiled vegetables which need extra salt and pepper to pep it up, this soup did not require it.
It was tasty nothing close to what I had seen in many other places. The satay bun and shui mai just melted down the throat.

I would recommend this place and for anyone who is interested in real good dim sum.

One point of improvement would be on the Tea pot. The flavor was not up to the expectation.

Tamasha (Movie Review)

What a Tamasha this movie Tamasha was.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone came together since they are a successful pair on-screen. I just could not understand what they were trying to convey in this movie.

Yes director Imtiaz Ali when a couple who do not want to meet again why do you put through un-convincing emotions to get them together again?

Why you have been bold enough to modernise certain part to make it appeal to audience the emotions are squeezed through. Modern I say because this is not very common across India. This is when Deepika asks the taxi driver to wait for few seconds and rushes up to Ranbir and they make out.

Keeping the modern lot of couples when they say “bye” and not to meet again they don’t get desperate to search and end in a wedlock.

Maybe you could try another movie with same cast with a different and fresh script.

AR Rehman, what happened to you. I did not before I saw your name on screen thought the music score was by you. No songs registered into my mind. The background score also was not anything great. Not that the script required a fresh background score.

I would rate it as 1/5.

PS: Delayed review post due to Chennai Floods! Otherwise I would have posted last week and maybe helped someone from self-cursing for watching the movie!

Android 5.1 – Upgrade or death

I actually have no clue when I upgraded my phone. Whenever there is a message to upgrade from Google, I do it. Any Google application for update, I do it.

I am technically challenged and do not go to developer forums of Android and in over enthusiasm upgrade myself with SDK and stuff.

I never really complained before when my phone was getting heated up majority of time. And never paid much attention when it used to shutdown by itself.

Last week was very crucial and I needed phone when I was in Chennai for relief work over there. I needed to read posts, update and upload photos. My phone literally went dead. When mobile network was restored in the city, I was the one not able to talk to anyone!

Every time I managed to get it started there would be one standard message “Optimizing Apps”. If this operation is complete why within next few hours should the phone optimize apps after shutting down by itself.

I did a search on google and there seems to be no proper solution. Till then the answer is suffer!

Press the power button to get it started. I don’t know how long that poor button would stand the pressure.

Use charging cable when starting the phone and just to see “Optimize App’s”.

Today early morning when I got an emergency call, thank you and thanks to optimizing app’s it took much of my time to know what had happened and what was the emergency.

I cleared the cache memory and I have more than a GB of space. There were times in the past when I was with lesser space and I did not face this issue.

I wish there is some solution in sight.

Open the TASMAC

Watch this song. Read the lyrics of the song here.

Open The Tasmac Ae Open The Tasu Maaku
Open The Tasmac Ae Open The Tasu Maaku
Hey Dont Close The Tasmacku Ma..
Atleast Open The Back Door’ru
Aeku Thor Theen Chaar Chaar..

Exactly the situation that happened in Chennai. Most parts were getting flooded last weeks, roads were getting cut-off, people were crying for help, people were stranded on streets, people ran to safety, people were stuck inside office and homes. Volunteers were running around to help people, women were involved in relief activities. Volunteers from coming down to Chennai from different cities, money was pouring in. Temples, mosques, marriage halls, cinema halls, shopping mall all opened up as relief centers.

In midst of all this our Government in TamilNadu had this brilliant idea of opening up TASMAC shops. A minute of thought process would have put humane touch as more important than bringing in money into Government cash reserve.

In inebriated mode some men do not behave well with women at home and imagine how they would with women who are volunteering. The Chief Minister of the state is a lady!

These men would create ruckus which is more difficult to manage and should they not use the money to buy essential commodities for their family.

Actually I was disappointed with the move of Govt. to open tasmac shops. Hope some sense prevails in future.

And where did Kovan go?

And is alcohol an essential commodity for Chennaites?

Traffic Observation – 3

Today was not a good day to begin with. While I observe other people and their skills and lack of rear-view mirrors. Close to my work place at a right turn my two wheeler went into blind spot of a big bus of “SAM Tours and Travels”.
Luckily for me nothing major happened. The bus left rear back edge clipped my right side rear-view mirror. In the process this came of its holder and fell down. Nothing is broken and I would have to fit the mirror back.
I find it very difficult to ride without one now. I am wondering how others manage.