Life is tough – 52 (Ripple Effect & Relation)

Ripple effect is gradually spreading influence or effect. When one hand splashes water there is ripple effect. The effect dies down over time. But put another hand to it and continue splashing, the effect never fades off.
Phase 1
Between two individual in a relation positive thoughts of one produces positive thoughts of other person also. This builds the effect/influence and the relation blooms. At the core the force is very strong which cannot be disturbed easily. Time flies by.

When one hand stops splashing water the effect does not stop since the other is still splashing with lesser force. The intensity reduces and effect still does not fade. This one hand wants the other hand to join so that intensity would be back.
Phase 2
In a relation one person takes a step back. The other person realizes something is wrong. Now both spread negative influence on one another. The ripple effect keeps dying down. A month seems like an year. Two months seems like decade. One of them tries to spread positive influence looking for, longing for the other to join.

The hand that had stopped splashing now returns. This is “point of return”. There is no end point. To move ahead both hands need to go back to where it all started. It takes time, slowly but steadily the intensity at the core is back.
Phase 3.a
The person who took a step back calls the other person. They both start meeting and talking avoiding the difficult topics of why one left the other. Point of origin. Positive influences spread from one to the other and vice versa. The relation blooms again. Everything is back to the way it was before.

The hand that had stopped splashing does not return. The hand has moved from the lake to a another lake. The one hand that was splashing with less forces realizes “point of no return”. This hand also stops splashing. The effect fades away. The lake looks still.
Phase 3.b
The person now understands that no more positive influence can influence the other. It time to stop spreading positive influence on same person. There will never be a ripple effect between the two.

Upcoming events

I did not want to participate in Sunfeast World 10k, but then Nike Run Club came up with coporate thingy. Now am in and running Sunfeast World 10k representing my company. This is happening on May 31st and just few days away.
I was apprehensive about running, since I have never ran 10kms. And I was out of practice since Mumbai Marathon.

I have registered myself for Bangalore Duathlon. First time to happen in India. I have registered myself for 10km running and 20km cycling. This is happening on June 14th.
The route is nice one and have been on those roads many times. For route map, click here.

What a journey

First time in past 4yrs, on a journey from Bangalore to Chennai on my vehicle, I have halted for night. Thats exactly what happened. From Ambur it started pouring like hell and I continued riding on my bike. Few kilometers later the sunlight dropped. Few minutes after switching on my headlight, it konked off. For the next 30 odd kms I rode in the dark using light of other vehicles in the downpour.
Crossing Vellore, it was difficult to go beyond with no signs of rain stopping. I found a mechanic who fixed a new bulb. That also konked off after 2kms. Finally, I decided to halt for the night and take no more risks.

Just like they say, there’s always a first time!!

Life is tough – 50

A kid or grown up, it takes a fraction of second that moment or that incident to lose focus on the object they are interested. A small kid of 2years, would be playing with a toy after 1hr the toy will be thrown away and no more point of interest.

(lines from “Its my life” song by Dr Alban)
Things I do I do them no more
Things I say I say them no more
Changes come once in life

Stop bugging me stop bothering me
Stop bugging me stop forcing me
Stop fighting me stop yelling me
Stop telling me stop seeing me
It’s my life.

What next

2 road trips in this year within 6 months @ different times. So, what next?
Am working on my Life is Tough series. Got to write the 50th post soon & then start writing a book which was my initial plan. This would be a compilation of my 50 posts with instances, all real. Some could be mine & some from people with whom I have interacted.

Road trip 3 for this year would happen by end of December. Would be East Coast ride. Bangalore – Chennai – Kolkata – Bangalore. Got to save my vacation for that.

Also, got to get back to networking meets. Been away from them for a long long time now.

Bangalore 2 Pune

The ride with mix of everything. Climate changes, different people, strange encounters, beaches, hills, road conditions.
Riders: Shyam (my bro) & myself.
Total distance clocked on my bike: 2961kms. I did not ride to Lonavala & Khandala on my bike from Pune.
The route:
Onward journey:-
Bangalore – Chennai – Bangalore – Kunigal – Sravana Belagola – Dharmasthala – Karkala – Udupi – Malpe – Marvanthe – Murudeeshwar – Honnavar – Kumta – Sirsi – Hubli – Dharwad – Belgaum – Kolhapur – Pune
A mix of national highway & state highway
When planning the ride I was expecting a very hot ride throughout, this being the summer season. But I was wrong. It rained almost everyday till I reached Pune.
April 25th we started on ride from Bangalore to Malpe. The road conditions were not all that great but good enough to have a comfortable journey. Disappointment was I wanted to see the world’s largest monolithic statue in Sravana Belagola, but couldn’t. One need to climb up the hill and I was completely loaded with riding gear and travel bag. Its not safe to leave them down and walk up and neither it is possible to carry everything.
The rest of the journey to Malpe was quite cosy with amazing roads. The ghat roads was getting difficult in the night when the visibility of curves was limited but just enjoyable. Luckily it did not rain. In Malpe we stayed in Hotel Karthik. Rs.350/- for 24hrs. There are no other hotels in vicinity which provide accomodation, tho there is one resort.
The next day was ride on ferry to St.Mary’s Island (Cocoanut Island). This is a perfect picnic spot for many. The ferry charge is Rs.70/-. Pick up your food, beverages and loads of water from Malpe before going there.
After a good relaxation we went to Marvanthe in the evening for some sunset photos. It was cloudy and started raining on the way back to Malpe.
April 27th after much delibration we started off towards Honnavar. This would also bring us close to our final destination. We found accomodation in Prameela lodge and it was a nice place. The room was cosy, they had water purifier system in place and well furnished and very well maintained. Rs.450/- for 24hrs.
In the evening we went to Murudeeshwar, worlds tallest Shiva. And a good place to be in. One side of the temple is beach which is filled with tourists and other side of temple, is complete for fishing. A perfect demarcation.
Next day we set off to Pune. Sirsi ghat is beyond words. If only there was some early morning sunlight would have helped in shooting some nice photos. Absolute greenery and chillness in the air from overnight rain. And few hundred kms later was hot and sultry.
From Pune, I made a brief visit to Lonavala & Khandala. This is not the time of year to be visiting those places. The best time is monsoon season after the rains when it is green & wet. One cannot enjoy in summer time. Dont forget to eat chikkis here, its the most famous. Next time I would also be visiting the Karla caves.

Return journey:-
Pune – Kolhapur – Belgaum – Dharwad – Hubli – Chitradurga – Tumkur – Bangalore (NH4)

The return journey took steam out of me though. May 2nd morning around 8:00am we started from Pune. It was so hot that we stopped for more than 3hrs in the afternoon. There was dry heat along the route and it was very difficult to ride. We rode through the night with frequent breaks. And when we reached Bangalore it was 4:00am next day.

On the whole it was a pleasant trip, no problems with the bike. It performed the way I would have expected it to. A perfect companion throughout.
I have now covered all major places along the coastal Karnataka. But there would definitely be a trip in future as there is still lots more to see and experience. Also, a trip to Lonavala & Khandala. Some time in future.
For photos of the trip, click here.