Cut short the time & distance

After getting into Bangalore from Hosur if your destination is Whitefield do not travel all the way up through Electronic city and into the Silk Board Junction and then heading towards Whitefield. Rather after entering Bangalore from Hosur take the first right turn at Athibele. After taking the right travel for a distance you will come across a dead end which bisects to a right and left turn. Take the left turn and after few kilometers you will find Bharat Petroleum bun. Take a right turn over there you will reach Varthur Lake in no time. The straight from the petrol bunk leads to Sarjapur. The roads are very well laid and is smooth for driving without any potholes as of now.
Just be careful of speed breakers. This route saves lot of distance and time and the stress from traffic.

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When cricketers become slaves

In olden times, slave market was very prevalent. Each slave was brought in and auctioned. The highest bidder gets to take the slave for doing all kinds of work. Slave’s did not have any choice on their master. Rather it was money that decides the fate & future of slaves.
In todays times, replace slaves with cricketers. Rename the slave market by Indian Premier League. Cricketers are put up on the altar and auctioned. The highest bidder wins that cricketer. Like the slaves, cricketers dont have any choice on which team they could be in.
The difference is slaves were not paid but cricketers are paid.

The big question is where does so much money come from? If there is such a lot of money then why cant they be routed to repay some of India’s never ending loans?

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Valentines Day

Wishing all readers a Happy Valentines Day. Give lot of flowers to the person you like, go out for romantic candlelight dinner with red wine. If you are a guy open the car door for her, move the seat for her to sit, you all those nice words. If you are a girl except to be spoiled and demand as much as possible without saying anything. Your guy would do everything good for you, still manage to crib at times but be nice most other times.
Dont forget after today let every other day be like this day.
Wear the dress that you are comfortable in, does it really matter that the color of your dress should match to the feelings?? What about other days when you wear red color. Pink color has also a significance today!! But if a guy wears a pink color shirt the Western World would perceive differently.

This day I would rather be outside of office space selling flowers and other stuff making some quick money. Maybe I should have been a flower vendor that I bring in flowers to IT office complexes around Bangalore making lot more than expected!!
I wish I was running a restaurant, that I could make dosa’s & parota’s in the shape of heart. Idllis in the shape of heart with tomato hanging on top of it in the shape of an arrow. Call it Valentine special dishes and make more money out of it.

I wish the guy who coined Kamasutra would also get a day on his memory and that should be called as Single’s Day. Yeah the guy who coined KS never married in his life but what he wrote is useful across the globe. Should we not feel proud of him!!

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Confused Human Mind

“Am confused on what to do” is a standard sentence heard and told many times by lot of people. What brings in this state of confusion on to human mind. Human brain is very complex thinking about lot of things happening around. At some point of time there is an interest generated on an object. When there are lot of variations available of this object this leads to over exposure. When human mind sees so many of certain thing now it becomes difficult to decide what to take and what to leave. If the options available are limited its just a choice whether to take it or leave it. If the age old story is to be believed Adam had only Eve and Eve had only Adam. There were no other options available to each of them.
In a world where free advice is never in dearth, the free advice adds to the confusion. Then how does one get a clarity on the object that is required?
Does this also sound like a confused post?

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Is law different

Australian team, media, spectators cried racial abuse few weeks back. And it took a lot to resolve the issue in favor of Harbhajan Singh leaving Australians to crib some more.
Now a new event has happened. Australian spectators threw eggs at SriLankan player Muthiah Muralitharan . Does this amount to racial abuse or is it part of the game??

For Australia anything against them means other countries are resorting to arm-twisting. But any racial abuse by them is completely fine and is actually not racial abuse!! Shouldn’t Australia be banned from playing cricket for 1-2yrs??

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