South – North India divide

Whether accepted or not there is a distinctive North – South divide which prevails in India. The South had never had any big influence of Mughal dynasty on the Dravidian culture but the North had a significant influence in terms of music (Hindustani), architecture and also languages.
While the Mughal influence was for good in some terms but what was originally the culture in North India has been forgotten.
In South of course after the entry of British the architecture changed and most buildings are how it would look in UK. But the temples built earlier stayed and not demolished.
As a matter of fact, Taj Mahal one of the wonders of the World is not part of Indian culture. Who built it and from where he came makes one understand its not part of ours. Only thing was we Indians toiled for invaders to get it built and give it a shape. Apart from that the idea to the design is not Indian.
Down South the Brihadeeshwar temple is completely Indian I would say. It does not qualify to be a world wonder but its an amazing piece of architecture.


3 thoughts on “South – North India divide

  1. Hi Kris,
    It pretty much depends on what one views as Indian. Conquerors and invaders have always been a part of history. Infact, IMO, it provides richness to ones culture. In other words, I believe culture and civilization is built over time ( centuries) and it is very nice when one reflects back and thinks about the diverse nature in the subcontinent. Growing up in a semi-orthodox family, I could spot differences within ours and some of our extended families. So powerful is the influence of location and time! From your example, the greatness of the Mughal, particularly Akbar is the way he blended and kneaded the society together to live peacefully.

    I also disagree with you about Brihadeeswara. It does not sparkle as Taj Mahal does, but the uniqueness in its construction is amazing. There is a documentary in discovery/Natl Geographic that speculates on how Raja Raja Chozha would have built it. Its just mind boggling!!!
    The last time I visited India, I travelled to Tanajavur to visit this temple again, and my friend who hails from here calls this the Tanjore downtown:)

    Good luck with your marathons, Dude!

  2. @akshan
    so much so that if Mughals and others built on their own, today people rush to homes where builders advertise Spanish style/German architecture/European villa.
    Isnt there any building which can say this is from our age-old culture.

  3. Hi Kris,

    I totally empathize with what you say! I have felt that a lot at times too.
    I think it eventually comes to where the dough is, isn’t it? The seller wants to make money were the stupid buyer wants to buy. I might offend a lot of people here, but, we as Indians have a fascination for everything from the west. This goes down to as low as your daily toothpaste. This is part of the post-colonial syndrome : ” if it is foreign, it must be good”. Its appreciative, people like you and I are able to realize this, an d more and more people are coming out of this nutshell.

    BTW, I love going to those age old homes down south in tanjavur, chidambaram area. Its amazing how the engineers 100 years earlier are able to come up with what is popularly known in the western world as cathedral ceilings etc., when we invented this an dput into use as early as anyone can think.


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