Service is our ideology?

From the time Mughals came into India till this date we have just been doing service to others as Masters. We want people to say we are the best in the world when it comes to servicing even if we are to sacrifice our own needs and wants.
How better could it explain when few MNC IT companies were working on Independence Day. Its a day when we gained our Independence from Britishers whom we served when they ruled us. And even today IT guys were serving them and other nations without a mark of respect for our own Independence. Would any country in the West do the same on their Independence Day or a day which is of historical importance to them? Why can’t Indian bosses say, no matter what happens we will not work on this day? What about employees?
Argument can be made on essential services but remember they are serving fellow Indians and no one else. Even the small shops do the same.
Its time people thought about themselves the nation before doing anything else.


One thought on “Service is our ideology?

  1. Sorry to be commenting on all your posts:)

    First of all, the bosses must be idiots and suckers to agree to work on a holiday? I am wondering, isn’t that illegal btw?

    Coming back, this is again a very old mentality, don’t you think? Most of the parents in India want them to study well, GET A GOOD,SAFE JOB, earn well, have families and die! This is the life of an average educated Indian in a nutshell.

    I feel there has never been an attitude amongst us to take risks or to be an entrepreneur; And when you take risks there are bound to be failures. But the society is so hard-cased that failures are often treated as idiots and losers. An individual is brought down to this mundane lifestyle however high his dreams are. I am sure things are changing now, but until then India would be one of the mass producing state for engineers in the world. After reading through the conferences you have in B’lore, I feel a lot of this is shaping up in India. It should be a matter of years before B’lore can shape up to be a “real” silicon valley – inventing new stuff and welcoming VC funding , rather than being called silicon valley just for the namesake of so many software companies that operate there.

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