Whats wrong with food industry

In Bangalore thanks to so many guys with money, the waiters in restaurants are spoiled to the core. Imagine this, a waiter in Pecos located parallel to Church Street would not accept Rs.14/- as tips!! and waiter in Paramount close to Jothi Nivas College in Koramangala 5th Block would not accept Rs.5/- as tips!!
Why so because they have been encouraged by other customers. In Pecos the minimum tips one gives is more than Rs.20/- and in hotel like Paramount its more than Rs.10/-. Anything below this is not accepted by the waiters. Why is it so in food industry alone?? If you give anything less, expect them to spit in your food before serving next time you visit those places.

What if all the entire service industry wants to do the same. Drivers & conductors of public transport corporation expecting tips above the ticket fare. if you dont give tips you would be dropped in a stop atleast a km before where you are supposed to get down!!
Auto drivers asking for money above the auto meter. If not they pick up a fight and bang you up. As such even today they ask for Rs.10/- above the meter but every passenger fights and dont give that Rs.10/-.
If a traffic constable asks for money it is called corruption and public go around ranting about them. All for the fact that traffic constable stands rain or sun shine regulating the traffic.
Imagine the night beat police waking up every household and asking for money for patrolling!!
Servant maid asking for money above her monthly fees for cleaning the house. Dont we bargain for her monthly fees itself so how in the world would we give the maid additional money??
Call center employees asking for money from customers for every call they attend!!

Now all the above in service industry asking for money is a crime but in food industry, waiters can demand more tips from you and public encourage it. Why this bias??

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2 thoughts on “Whats wrong with food industry

  1. @Arun
    why not???? After all they are also not paid heavily?? In a city where cost of living is too high they also need something to manage themselves??
    And remember who is paying the money?? When they ask for money saying some paper is not present you are @ fault. & to escape a heavier fine you just pay him off… otherwise you can as well go to the court & prove the cop was wrong. When you are at wrong you pay the cop and drive away.. dont blame the cops, arun.

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