Back to running

After almost 10 months of non-running due to one injury or other, I finally started running today. Time wise, yeah there wasnt much of a difference. I did about 6kms in 30minutes of time. Almost the same as I was doing before getting injured.
Now I have to be careful and not injure myself any further. Well, if I can run continuosly then I would be looking forward to Delhi Half Marathon on October 28th, 72 days left for it. Or I would participate in Bangalore Marathon scheduled for same day. I hope the Bangalore one gets postponed.
Last time I didn’t do really well in Delhi which is where I aggravated my injured leg. Hope this time I can improve a do a sub 1.5hrs provided no further injuries.


4 thoughts on “Back to running

  1. @sagaro
    thnx da.. will come up with page content for site by 2morrow…
    lets plan it & i think we need 2 take in 2 r 3 more members for organising…

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