Poem in my blog

This is the first time am posting a poem (I think so) in my blog.

As you brush your hair
Curls up my heart
Anger in your eyes
Like a stone cold ice
Smile on your lips
Makes me sway to the tip
Clattering sound of you talk
Beats like tinkering of anklets
I will never forget
For whatever I get
You will stay in me
Like an Angel hovering over.


6 thoughts on “Poem in my blog

  1. dei, time pass da… kavidhai ezhudardu ellarukum varada kalai appadinu theriyum… nariya per kavidhai kavidhai nu ezhudarangale namma ezhudi avanga padichu paarthu evalo kevalama irruku nu solluvangala illai.. appa avanga kavidhai melayum doubts varum!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. dei…..

    enakku onnum puriyala… pl. fill the folg blanks..

    “endha muyarchiyaal naan ulagathirkku therivippadhu enna vendraal…………………………………………..””


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