Italy Vs Australia – World Cup 2006

It was a happy moment when Totti found the net thru penalty kick. Of the knockout matches I have watched so far I find Italy to have the best defence. Matterazzi did not deserve to be given a red card though refree’s decision is final. Even with 10men they were able to defend and when a chance came they just moved over.
Australians are more rough game type, I think this basically comes from them playing rugby more than football. Australians in general I find them to be more egoistic, take for instance Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne the cricketers. The way they address the media.
Italy has a good chance to reach the finals. If they defend the way they did yesterday there’s no stopping them.

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4 thoughts on “Italy Vs Australia – World Cup 2006

  1. Haha – I’m Australian and I never ever ever go for Australia in cricket!! I’m ashamed by them, i actually hate the Australian cricket team with a vengeance! I don’t care how good they are, i will always go for the opposite team. However, in soccer, it was a very unfair game. Australia should have won. And they worked so hard to get into the World Cup too, the referee should be shot.

  2. @amy
    if the refree can give a red card to Italian when he didnt deserve it, then Italy deserve to be given a penalty kick also.. 🙂

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