Why travel alone?

Many people recently have been asking me why I travel alone and brand me as loner. Thats not actually the case. Why do I travel or prefer to travel alone

1) I can stay in a cheap lodge with common toilet
2) I dont need to plan stay and book in advance
3) On the move I can suddenly change direction and visit different place rather than planned destination
4) Whenever I feel like I can move around, no time limits
5) I can carry bag of any weight on my back and keep walking, if there are others who cant do that then alternate plan needs to be made
6) Have to also see if the other person(s) travelling along are comfortable in moving around in local transport waiting for some time
7) Can they adjust to the climate like humidity and stuff
8) I can eat in any shop not depend on good hotels, I do try out good hotels when am bored eating in roadside shops. The best taste is in road-side shops only. Even if I want to eat in good hotels I need not think about the bill.

If there are people who are with similar mindsets then there’s no problem to accomodate.



8 thoughts on “Why travel alone?

  1. I thought of another plus in travelling alone: you meet other people better. I’ve travelled to different countries in groups and individually and i’ve found that when i’m by myself, I can meet and talk to locals more easily. When your with a group there’s time constraints etc and you tend to stick to your own people!

  2. @amy
    yep, i think i missed out on the point… in most of my travel alone i meet ppl whom i wld otherwise ‘ve missed if in a group..
    i also get a chance to blend with the local..

    thnx fr comment…

  3. I just meant to say then there would be two people to take every decision (you won’t be traveling alone) and it can be quite a lot of fun, specially in the beginning 🙂

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