Brazil Vs Ghana – World Cup 2006

The match clearly showed that Brazil cannot expect themselves to take home the cup this time. Ghana had them back to the wall most of the times. Infact the ball possession by Ghana was more than that of Brazil.
Ghana clearly did not have the touch of finishing. They came close to scoring goals so many times but that lack of finding the net put them down. They should definitely improve on it. It would have worked till this stage but Brazil is never a team where it would work. They needed clear finishers. They learnt it yesterday. But kudos to Ghana for giving Brazil a scare of their lives.

Brazil were also in an advantage with refree allowing a clear off-side pass to Adriano who scored the second goal. They were few fouls committed by Brazil which did not get booked.
Their next match against France should be an easy one (hopefully).

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4 thoughts on “Brazil Vs Ghana – World Cup 2006

  1. I consider France as a very unpredictable team. They struggle in their group matches and then thrash Spain 3-1. I hope it will be an interesting match. Brazil vs. France.

  2. @mridula
    that will be a tough match. its a pity England have got an opponent where main players arent allowed to play!!
    I think Brazil will prevail over France. I hate the sight of Ronaldo he looks like a fat kid..

  3. Awwww…I wanted Ghana to win. I tend to go for countries more so than anything else! I reackon Brazil has an excellent chance of winning, definately…there are just too many outstanding players in their team!

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