Argentina famous goal ala chess game

Watching the Argentina Team score the famous goal involving 8 players and 24 passes was like playing a game of chess.
These guys, brought the ball forward with back pass and forward pass. Similar to how we move the pieces of chess game. The pawns in this case were the forward players, the guys running in from behind looked akin to bishop, knight & rook. There was no need for the queen and the king (goalkeeper) was solidly watching the moves from post.
These guys were just toying with the ball. They cut across the Serbians players like cutting the opponents pieces in the game of chess.
When the ball landed inside Serbians goal net, the opponents king had fallen.

Every time I watch this goal being scored, I see them only as a game of chess. For video of the goal click here.

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4 thoughts on “Argentina famous goal ala chess game

  1. StevieG, StevieG, StevieG !!! The greatest footballer in the planet. He will single handedly blow this worthless Argentinians off the pitch if at all this over hyped Argentina gets to the final.

  2. Yes I also agree with anon1 hat StevieG is the best mid-fielder in the world.
    The goal that Argentina scored England would also have scored given such opponents.
    Watch out for Becks, StevieG, Lamps and Crouch to work even better magic than Crespo and Co.
    I strongly feel that this is England’s world cup.

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