Will Germany Win World Cup 2006?

Yes, Germany won convincingly against Sweden on Saturday (24th June, 2006) but the number of goals scored should have definitely been more. Within 12mins they managed to score 2 thru Podolski but after that they were unable to capitalise on that. Added to it in 2nd half Sweden was playing with only 10.
The defence of Germany looks shaky. They are more into attacking and forget to defend well.
Ballack, am not sure how many more chances he would require to score a goal. All his shots though piercing thru the defence was unable to reach the net. I am a fan of Ballack though would expect him to shoot few goals.
They have a tough match against Argentina who are also found to be little sloppy.

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4 thoughts on “Will Germany Win World Cup 2006?

  1. later on the swedes were really tight with their defence, and isseksen (i hope i got the spelling rite) did a wonderful job of keeping

  2. Your analysis are good and ur comment on Ballack was commendable, he is a selfish player who squandered at least 3-4 chances. I think Germany alongside England are the favourites to win the World Cup

  3. @ada-paavi
    if nt fr the gr8 work by goalki ballack wld ‘ve scored few goals..

    definitely england is not a favorite to win the cup… thnx fr the nice words..

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