Go GoAir

I have been tagged by Mridula. I would of course respond to this tag since it involves travel.

## Start of GoPaGaL Tag ##

If your blogger friend has tagged you, follow this link to participate: http://www.pagalguy.com/goblog/

GoAir and PaGaLGuY.com bring to you the GoPaGaL Campaign where you can win free return tickets to the destination of your choice. Winning is simple, just copy paste this tag on your blog after adding answers to the questions below and publish this as a blog post on your blog! Then head out to http://www.pagalguy.com/goblog/ , fill in the form and send us your Name and Blog post URL & Finally, tag 5 more blog users and let the world know. Promise! Its that simple and should take you no more than 5 minutes!!

— Answer the question below —

Q) On which GoAir Sector would you like to win a free air ticket?
A) Chennai Delhi

( Answer the above question after you visit http://www.goair.in )

[ Link (Tag) 4 other blog users in your network so that they too get a chance to win the tickets. Without you tagging 4 other bloggers, your entry will stand disqualified.]

I would like to link the following bloggers!
(Please include the full URL to the blogger you are tagging)
e.g: http://insane.pagalguy.com, http://whatblogmen.blogspot.com etc etc

1 — Shyam
2 –Jayanth
3 — Sagaro
4 — Anita

— End of Question & Answer —

Now head over to http://www.pagalguy.com/goblog/ and submit your entry to win the tickets. New winners will be announced every fortnight! 🙂

Why? What? How?

This is an unique campaign run by ‘GoAir – The People’s Airline’ and ‘PaGaLGuY.com – India’s largest MBA forum’.

We are giving out over 26 return airtickets over a period of two months!

Join the insanity and find more ways to win tickets at http://www.pagalguy.com/gopagal/

Visit GoAir – http://www.goair.in
Visit PaGaLGuY.com – http://www.pagalguy.com

## End of GoPaGaL Tag ##


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