Manmadan Ambu – Movie Review

KamalHassan, Trisha, Madhavan, Sangeetha the main cast of this KSRavikumar movie. The movie revolves around a simple storyline shot on a cruise visiting few locales in Europe. And some in Kodaikannal and Chennai. Madhavan is engaged to Trisha who is an actress. Sangeetha is a divorce and Kamal is a widower. Madhavan suspects his fiancée to be having an affair with another guy and hires Kamal as detective to spy on her.
What happens is rest of the movie.

Kamal should maybe take his hands from writing script for movie. He is a great actor with amazing sense of timing. But his writing sucks. We did see it in Mumbai Xpress and its repeated here. This movie is better than Mumbai Xpress. For 30mins in second half of the movie one will laugh and laugh out. But he cannot recreate what Crazy Mohan can.
One thing to be noted is there are no loose ends. No question marks that arises. He has taken care of all that. The movie tends to drag a bit in beginning with lot of importance given in characterization.

The songs are just so-so. Not inspiring even when watching on big screen. Devi Sri Prasad disappoints a lot.
Another of Kamal’s venture is as lyricist. He has done before but then it doesnt appeal to masses. His singing, he has been doing it for ages.

Watchable once.


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