Vellai Illa Pattadhari – Movie Review (Tamil)

25th movie of Dhanush and he took the right project to make sure his dipping chart ratings come back.
And to top it he has produced the movie (maybe others were afraid to invest in him).

Like the title suggests (translation: Educated and jobless youth), Dhanush is a jobless after finishing his engineering. All his application for job results in failure and he does not want to take up any other job than what he has studied for. He wants to be a construction engineer making building plans. Being jobless and sitting in house attracts all kinds of comments from his father. Which normal in many houses. Especially more so when his younger brother has a job and is drawing a good salary.
Enter the girl next door (Amala Paul) and change in attitude of Dhanush to woo her. Blessings of his mother float around even after her death and he lands up in a lucrative job. And another girl who tries to impress him.
Every movie has to have a villan and same goes with this movie especially when we talk about masala movies.

After all fighting and stuff finally all is well. Hero triumphs.

Dhanush imitates Rajinikanth a lot in this movie. Again to appeal to the masses and also increase his star value. The original Dhanush style is kind of missing.
While being jobless and educated connects with the VIP’s I do not know if introduction of heroine or a sudden big break into the corporate world does really happen.

Music is too loud in lot of occasions.

Overall: Worth a watch
My Rating: 2.5/5

Manmadan Ambu – Movie Review

KamalHassan, Trisha, Madhavan, Sangeetha the main cast of this KSRavikumar movie. The movie revolves around a simple storyline shot on a cruise visiting few locales in Europe. And some in Kodaikannal and Chennai. Madhavan is engaged to Trisha who is an actress. Sangeetha is a divorce and Kamal is a widower. Madhavan suspects his fiancée to be having an affair with another guy and hires Kamal as detective to spy on her.
What happens is rest of the movie.

Kamal should maybe take his hands from writing script for movie. He is a great actor with amazing sense of timing. But his writing sucks. We did see it in Mumbai Xpress and its repeated here. This movie is better than Mumbai Xpress. For 30mins in second half of the movie one will laugh and laugh out. But he cannot recreate what Crazy Mohan can.
One thing to be noted is there are no loose ends. No question marks that arises. He has taken care of all that. The movie tends to drag a bit in beginning with lot of importance given in characterization.

The songs are just so-so. Not inspiring even when watching on big screen. Devi Sri Prasad disappoints a lot.
Another of Kamal’s venture is as lyricist. He has done before but then it doesnt appeal to masses. His singing, he has been doing it for ages.

Watchable once.

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya (Tamil) – Movie Review

Before the review, lessons learnt from this movie.
1. If you are a guy and like a girl, be dedicated and sincere. Returns would be there.
2. Humour & fun moments fill romance part of life initially. When reality strikes sorrow is definite.
3. Break-up in first love is always a difficult part.
4. Whatever happens where ever you go, memories and butterflies of first love will remain. Sparks fill fly at any given instance.
5. Girls move on after a break-up. They try to adjust to new life.
6. Guys always hope for slim chance that the girl will come back.

A simple love story from Gautham Menon. Simbu as Karthik and Trisha as Jessie fall in love with one another. Karthik is a Hindu while Jessie is Christian. Jessie always has the fear that her dad would be against their love. She even goes to stop her wedding on the day of marriage as she still wants Karthik. Turn of events they seperate and go on different ways. Karthik becomes a director as was his dream. She moves to America. While shooting his movie he meets Jessie again. Whether they join again or not? In typical movie they will join together as Karthik’s movie titled Jessie. But in real life it does not happen is what Gautham Menon goes on to prove. Its not always, alls well that ends well.
They are some dry moments in the second half. Made up by the climax. Just be patient enough.
Background score by AR Rehman is good at few places otherwise nothing much to notice. Songs of course stand out.
Camera work is amazing especially for the song “Omane penne”.

A movie worth watching. Repetitive audience am not sure.

Ayirathil Oruvan (Tamil) – Movie Review

First, kids below 10-12yrs of age? Parents, leave them home, don’t take them along to watch the movie. Are you heart patient or pregnant woman, refrain from watching this movie if you are faint hearted.
This movie is not for kids, heart patients & pregnant women. This should have been clearly published at the beginning when one buys the ticket and later at the counter.

A very detailed analysis has gone in before making of this movie. This movie does not have relevance to the incidents that happened centuries ago. Selvaraghavan should be credited for the efforts in making a historical movie combined with todays world, with a touch of romance, emotion, quarrels and glamour.

The Cholas vs Pandians. How Cholas protect a deity and Pandians want to get it from Cholas is a thin storyline. One has to cross 7 hurdles before they reach the Chola village. But how it has been shown to the viewers matters. A brief switch to flashback when the movie starts and then moving over to current state.

An archealogical research into finding the lost empire and what happens next forms rest of the movie.What happens when three people are stuck together in middle of nowhere without food, water & shelter is also shown well.

In current scenario, we are so much stuffed with commercial movies that one would wonder if this movie will go well with audience. It definitely would and there would be repetitive audience. The 2nd half of the movie draws ones attention and need to be watched carefully. If not, the review would definitely be bad.
Do not watch the movie like you would watch 3 Idiots, Kutty. If you are a person expecting movie of that kind then better stay away. This is not for you.

If you can relate the first scene and the last scene and connect it, there could be no sequel. Just going by the ending there could be a sequel. Whatever Selvaraghavan has clearly redefined non-commercial movie making.

Unnai Pol Oruvan – Movie Review

A remake of the hindi movie “A Wednesday”. I have not watched the hindi movie so I cannot do any comparison.
Kamalhassan & MohanLal two big actors in South Indian film industry acting in same movie. The question is who will take more screen time and the limelight. In reality both of them have not eaten into the movie and made it dumb one. Who is the hero, who is the bad guy is not what this movie is all about and neither one of them plays a role of good or bad.

All the characters are well brought into the main storyline and there are no loose ends. One will not feel bored during course of the movie. The tight script keeps you engrossed.
In certain places there are some naturalistic touch also given. Like the hacker talking to his girlfriend when brought to find out from where Kamal makes telephone calls. Or the ever news greedy media people. Police constable taking advantage of girl in house due to power. Bullet vest which covers till the neck. Task Force cop riding the Royal Enfield bullet to go with his macho image. Guy who pees in his pants during interrogation.

Kamalhassan plants bombs across Chennai city to secure release of 4 terrorists. What happens in course of conversation between Kamal & MohanLal & the events surrounding it.

Camera work is good. Director does not waste time in unwanted introductions or songs. Background music is really refreshing and good to hear. Dialogues are crisp and short and neat.
A definite watch and worth watching twice. I should watch once more to notice the intricate stuff.

Watched it second time tonight. 2nd time in first 2days of release of movie.
Just wondering during transportation, why Inayathullah & Karamchand were handcuffed together but not Abdullah & Ahmedullah??
Some small details are taken care of, like tomato falling down bag which Kamal places it back. Humorous & crisp dialogues.
“I am a common man”
“Yedu nadakanump adu nadakum” (What has to happen will happen)

Vaarnam Aayiram – Movie Review

“Daddy Daddy Daddy”. Too much of anything is bad and too much usage of daddy just makes one sick at the end of the movie. Instead of driving the point of love for dad, director drives viewers mad. This is a weak attempt to what was done really well in the movie Thavamai Thavamirundu.
The director seems clearly confused on what he wanted to do. He wants to depict love for dad, love for wife girlfriend, love for country. All in 3.5hrs a saga which is incomplete.
The news of death of his father starts the flashback and flashback almost forgetting that Surya is on a rescue mission. In the 3hr10min journey to rescue a journalist kidnapped by terrorist, the director completes the narration of Surya’s fathers romance with his mother (Simran). His failed romance with heroine (Sameera Reddy, man she is damn hot). The transition of failed romance to becoming a drug addict to travelling to Himalayas in search of self discovery. And the later self efforts put in rescuing the son of Memon family. And thus the motivation to join Indian Army. (Never knew joining army was so easy and a decision which could just be announced over dinner table, you got guts man) You thought the movie is complete romance movie. But director takes you all by surprise. He has Surya in main role and Surya has developed 6-pack abs just for this movie so how is it possible. So you are shaken into world of action suddenly. But this action sequence is what transforms Surya into a person ready go on a rescue mission. All in all the director leaves just 5mins for the rescue mission. Isnt rescuing a kidnapped person so easy, just get down there at the spot, spray some bullets, sacrifice some fellow comrades, kill all milltants when your other comrades are just watching you do all the shooting & killing.
Only you (hero, sir) can shoot & kill correctly since you are a Major and main hero of the movie. If there was a close associate he would have been killed, luckily audience was spared of that remaining emotional angle.
Not only the character of Surya undergoes transition, even the movie undergos transition. From Thavamai Thavamirundu, the movie changes over to Autograph. Director Cheran should be proud of influence his work has but not in the way this weak attempt was made.

The 80’ish style romance between Surya & Simran stands out. Sameera Reddy stands out among all others by her hotness. The director has taken good care of the detail. Displaying only Ambassdor & Bullets and photo’s of those days Madras in background.
The songs are good to hear, but too many cramped into the first 1.5hrs left me thinking whether am I in 1940’s when there used to be only songs in movies. Some songs are easily forgettable. The picturisation is not all that great.
There is background score at one point using flute and drums, that stands out.

Could have been better made. Watchable once.