Kaadhal (Love) Movie – Dialogue

One dialogue which stayed in my mind after watching the movie Kaadhal.
Kadalil muzhugubavan muthu edupaan (One who goes inside sea will get pearl)
Kaadhalil muzhugubavan pichai edupaan (One who falls in love will take to begging)

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4 thoughts on “Kaadhal (Love) Movie – Dialogue

  1. “Diving into the sea may also fetch you a mermaid
    And then in LOVE you will beg to differ instead”

    Smiles etc.,


  2. not true always.. but in the film he is crazy to run away with the girl with whatever savings he had and later they were crazy to trust the chitapa character…

    i know it is a true story but i feel the guy had no individuality or practicality.

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