DO NOTHING – Marathon

Everyday tension, running around, getting angry, feeling depressed, lack of time to savour good memories. Not only for people in the league mentioned above but also for the rest, how does it sound to spend time “doing nothing”.
Yes, nothing mis-spelt. The objective is just be there doing nothing.
This would give you time to relax, feel about all those nice moments, get a smile on your face of those funny moments.

Rules of the marathon:
1. Like in any other marathon let there be a cut-off time to start with.
2. Any person who can sit without “doing anything” for minimum 6hrs is winner.
3. Incase of tie-break, then additional 1hr would be given to “do nothing”.
4. Talking not allowed.
5. Walking not allowed.
6. Sleeping not allowed.
7. Reading not allowed.
8. Writing not allowed.
9. Watching TV (television) not allowed.
10. Browsing internet not allowed.
11. Alcoholic beverages not allowed.
12. Drinking water/coffee/tea allowed.
13. Eating allowed.
14. Usage of rest-room at scheduled intervals allowed.

If you are interested, do leave a comment. If you go points to add, leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “DO NOTHING – Marathon

  1. OMG, nice marathon. But not for me though!!! Not talking itself rejected me out of Marathon… One of my seniors once famously said, “Doing Nothing is more than a passion!!!!”

  2. wonderful idea! browsing old photo albums/ greeting cards and letters allowed :o)

    would surely like to go for such marathon!!

  3. summa irukkaradu evvalavu kashtam theriyuma da???

    Reminds me of that vadivelu track….. & the challenge that followed…

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