Aaru (Tamil) – Movie Review

Same old wine in a new and bad bottle. Story line is same Aaru (Surya) is an orphan who was given a work and food in Vishwanath (Asish Vidyarthi) house. He becomes his hand man who kills and arranges people for Vishwanath. Maha (Trisha) develops a soft corner for Aaru and Aaru reciprocates after initial blues which is usual. Aaru during course of time finds himself to be ordered killed by Vishwanath for whom he has shown loyalty all along. Things change after that.

Not a new storyline, so many movies with similar flavor have been released all along. Too much violence and blood all over. Director Hari has not done a good job after his first movie Saamy. The script is so weak. Luckily movies have songs otherwise your eyes would have bled with so much freely flowing blood.
Surya can definitely give a better performance. He should not try to imitate Vikram in the song ‘Soda Bottle’. The song ‘Paarkaade enna paarkade’ has a resembalance to the song ‘Kaadhal valarthen’ from movie Manmadhan.
The best song in the movie is ‘Nenjam ennum oorile’ which is aptly spoiled by the rap part.
Devi Sri Prasad as the music director should know which songs not to mess up. Such a melody totally becomes crap with the small rap part.

Surya should not dance if he does not know to. He can do movies with no songs which would also reduce the total duration of the movie.
Trisha has nothing to do in the movie. Falls in love, dances with hero, gets misunderstood by hero and his friends, runs away from bad guys (a la Ghajini). Of late it is become favorite of directors to make the heroines run from bad guys. If it was Nayantara in Ghajini it is Trisha in this movie. Trisha is back to Tamil movies after long time should have chosen a better movie. (probably no one else called her)
Hari should come up with better script for next movie and depend on such a thin storyline.

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4 thoughts on “Aaru (Tamil) – Movie Review

  1. Your Review is very bad, i think you do not know anything about movies. Its an old story but the film is directed very well.

    Do not comment on Movie just because you do not like it !

    The movie was good at the box office, and was a success !!!

  2. You are right..anonymous comments are less courageous..see an online tamil tv shyamtv.com..they are doing well and inviting bold comments..the same guys launched an online radio shyamradio.com which is very popular among global tamils now

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