Encounters on the road – 1

This series is dedicated to encounters on the road while cycling, either commuting to office or otherwise. This series includes both pleasant encounters and unpleasant ones.

Starting with todays encounter.
1. Morning while cycling I met an auto guy, he slowed down to my speed of about 23km/hr had a good look at my cycle and gave a smile. He also managed to wave goodbye to me. Infront of him a dog was crossing, he slowed his auto signalled to me and allowed the dog to cross without honking. Thanks a lot.

2. Evening while cycling back from office, there was this guy in motorbike who wanted to squeeze between me on the cycle, a tata sumo and a tempo traveller. This guy had no respect for me out there and almost knocked me out. Later, after Graphite India at Whitefield he had to turn left, his ego hoes not permit him to come behind me, crosses me when am also turning, slows down and then turns. Again complete disrespect for other vehicles on the road. Later I find him standing at railway gate. There were few bikes in front of me which prevented any conversation with this guy. I could identify him as a guy who works in same company as mine. I reserve all talk for tomorrow.

3. Later at Sarjapura-Outer Ring Road junction a motorbike guy pushes me down again almost, goes by the side of bus which had to stop due to traffic. He hit a muddy & rocky patch and almost skidded there. I chase him in the traffic and start a conversation
Me: Jaasti urgent aa Sir (Very urgent is it, Sir)
He: Yes yes
Me: Yelli ogu beku? Hospital or Mortuary? (Where do you want to go)
He: (Stares at me)
Me: Ogi ogi, urgent ogu beku illva (go go, you have to go urgently)

Next time onwards I would be posting their vehicle numbers.


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