Bus condition deplorable – Chennai

If you are in Chennai, the probability of you needing to keep yourself fit is always higher. Not because you might need to get into fist fights regulalry. But you need stamina to push the Metropolitan Transport Corporation Buses which breakdown in the middle of the road anytime of the day and any route.

Today evening after almost covering one part of Chennai by bus, I was travelling on my way back home from LIC in Mount Road in 11G bus. I got a seat and was fast asleep which I normally do either standing or sitting. Some time later I realised the bus was still in some place without any movement. Then the conductor was voicing out “all gents come down to push the vehicle”. I also got down to put my hand for starting it. The bus brokedown on the upslope of Doraiswamy Subway. About 15 of pushed the bus up the slope and then for some more distance before the engine came back to life.

Agreed bus services in Chennai and rest of TamilNadu cannot be compared to any other city in India, but the condition of buses are deplorable. Even though they run in profit, there is no action done from the Goverment to improve the condition of the buses.
Just pray that the new Goverment instead of focussing itself on changes in Temple regulations can focus on more society problems.

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5 thoughts on “Bus condition deplorable – Chennai

  1. good thought!

    but i prefer where this temple regulation steps are related to the society problem.

    they both are the front side tyre’s of a bus, if one of them get damaged the BUS (gov) will not move!

    i am ok with the temple issue, but do raising this issue to the gov is equally important.

  2. @kannan
    i hope the new goverment would do something. there is an increase in the number of buses breaking down recently…

  3. Hope. positive thinker. will ask u the same question after 5 years!

    he dont have time to think about the public. but he spend time everyday to write a vulgar poetry about his political enemies.

    I suggest him to learn from the master mind lady called Smt.shiela dikshit

  4. yeah actually they are…but, as u pointed out, the connectivity is just awesome in chennai..which is much better than bangalore..though the buses in bangalore are better than those in chennai…

  5. @kannan
    thers a lot for Delhi to learn from Chennai also.. Delhi can never scale up its bus services to the extent it is there in chennai or any other town/city in TamilNadu…
    i always hope for the best, so I hope that te conditions would improve soon..

    @the constant variable
    one reason why i think the volvo buses like in b’lore are not brought to chennai is the increase in cost it would bring…
    In b’lore guys in IT sector are not ready to take the bus as if they have always travelled in their life in autos only… so, the govt decides to get volvo buses to attract this segment of crowd and encourage IT guys to use it..
    in Chennai, thats not the case.. when every state was increasing the buses ticket fares it did not happen anywhere in TN.. even in chennai if you notice the people using the bus facility belongs to all segments in the society.. one might be filthy rich but he will not hesitate to travel by local bus..
    which unfortunately is not the case in banglore. if one travels by local bus he is considered to be not having sufficient money which is a wrong impression…

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