Impact of dress code

Last weekend Shyam & myself were on bike trip to Tanjore & Trichy.

In Brahadeeshwar Temple in Tanjore, the priest seeing us in Jeans & T-shirt
Priest: “Do you want to do archana”
Me: Naanga inda ooru thaan (We are from this place only)
Priest2: Adu illa archana pannanuma nu ketaru (Not that he enquired if we wanted to do archana)
Me: Illanga (No)

I place a ten rupee (Rs.10/-) note on the deepam plate.

Priest3: Ivaluku prasadam kudungo (Give them God’s blessings)

Prasadam is 1 banana (which we gave to elephant outside), a pack of veebhuti & kumkum, few flowers and variant of neem leaves which is good for health.

In Tanjore market, on request I was clicking photos of pumpkin sellers

Seller1: Photo
Me: Problem illa, nanna utkarungo (No problem, sit comfortably)
Seller2: Ennayum photo edungale (Take my picture also)
Me: (starts of in good thamizh)
Passerby: Neenga enda ooru, ippadi nanna thamizh pasareenga (Which place are you from, you speak good tamil)
Me: Naan inda ooru thaanga, romba varusham kazhichu varen (I am from this place only, coming here after many years)


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