Reservation & Anti-Reservation – 3

To read part 2 of the series, click here.

This is the last part of the series. Coming soon my big post on my vision for India 2020.

Instead of protesting so much, students can look at other areas to pursue incase he/she is worried about not getting admission for higher education in India.

1) Take to sports. Cricket is not the only sport. Take up badminton like Gopichand/Saina or tennis like Sania Mirza or chess like Vishwanath Anand or hockey like Dhanraj Pillay or football like Baichung Bhutia or IM Vijayan or snooker like Geet Sethi. There are few takers for sports like swimming.
2) Join the Army/Navy/Air force.
3) Take up quality film making. Bollywood is not the only Indian film industry.
4) Become an actor/actress. There are other areas in film industry where you can try hands.
5) Try out for becoming a RJ or DJ.
6) Try getting an admission in other courses apart from doctor or engineering. Like Fashion Technology, Agriculture or Journalism.
7) Try out for research in different fields of study. There are lack of scientists today.

There are many more areas like this where people are required.

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