The Professional Couriers – Unprofessional service

I in recent years trust Blue Dart more than The Professional Couriers. This was few years ago when I had received a parcel from Chennai for my motorbike and was in the office for 2days due to lack of delivery boys. I finally went and collected it myself.

Years later last week, a courier was dispatch to me from Mysore and it took 2days before I went and picked it up finally. The distance from Mysore to Bangalore is just 150kms. On first day evening I receive a call from courier representative that courier has arrived and the delivery boy did not know the direction to my house. Unbelievable since the courier outlet and my house is separated by less than a km (which I found out the following day). The operator promises to look into same day delivery but of course no further calls nor responses.
Next day I call them, get the tracking number from dispatcher, call them, call them and call them! No delivery till evening 17:00hrs of 2nd day. Why?
1. The phone line does not work clearly so they were unable to call me.
2. They could not tell when I called earlier to come pick up by myself.
3. There are no delivery boys available and only after 18:00hrs then can try.

If I had let them to try it, would have slipped into 3rd day and they would not apologise for such a delay.
Worst part:
1. No manager at the outlet to complain
2. They do not have complaint forms to lodge one

Then I read their vision statements which can be found on their web page. The irony is the below statement which is under “Vision Accomplished”.

To create an organisation with opportunities to the deserving in owning their own business at their local area, thereby ensuring a Customer Courier bonding with the best of services.

Be always advancing and outperforming in an on guard & systematic manner.

Be more customer friendly and achieve brand enhancement by the exploitation of IT and other technologies for sustained quality standards, training and motivation.

Thanks for the second time bad experience. Personally I will continue to be away from “The Professional Couriers“.

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