Shamitabh – Movie Review

shAMITABH is a must watch movie. A very different genre of movie and a bold concept. Just reflects how and who can succeed in bollywood, the very importance of voice and acting.
Amitabh the voice and Dhanush the actor the combination really works but to get them to sync would have been a tough job.
Akshara Hasan has a great potential to become a big star. Her introduction looked very casual and she has also done a good role with dialogue delivery to be noted (probably some skills from her father).

Dhanish is a small time boy in a village who has big dream of acting and becoming a superstar. One thing that he cannot do is talk. He is dumb/mute. He like everyone comes to Mumbai to become a hero which he cannot unless he gets a voice and a device. The voice is Amitabh. Akshara supports Dhanish all through and Shamitabh becomes a star in first movie itself.
Obviously there should be conflict between Amitabh and Dhanish. Both try separately to prove who is big and a star only to fail. Then like always they have to come together again. What happens after they come together could be anyone’s guess who watches movies regularly. Movie has to end, ok.

I do not qualify to comment on Amitabh Bachan’s acting. Impressed.
Dhanush definitely has done well. For people used to his tamil movies his styles are nothing new.
Akshara is definitely potential.
PC Sreeram with cinematography especially at the graveyard scenes.

Balki has definitely woven a tight script around a complex story. There are actually no moments when you want to go out for a leak or a smoke.

Ilayaraja I again don’t qualify to comment. After a long time I watched a movie where the background score went with the movie. No sudden explosion to ears nor lack of sound when you would want something. Violins, guitars and other instruments I cannot identify perfect blend. To watch the complete music launch click here.

Definitely am happy to have watched a good movie after long time. Good no time wastage on lengthy romancing. There was practically no romancing! If one thing that could against is length of the movie.
My rating 4.5/5.

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