Casino Royale – Movie Review

Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 does not disappoint. Firstly, I will not let know the story line.
The stunt sequences are amazing and out of imagination. Dont miss out the chase sequence that happens few minutes after the movie starts. Some of the jumps made are really cannot be thought of. Probably only the species in Predator movie did that much of jumps. The stunts leave you gasping.

For a long it did not look like a typical Bond movie with no flirting with babes in the movie. Dont worry there are some but not as in any other Bond movie. Eva Green does not disappoint us also.
Another stunt of a car chase, dont miss it. This also leaves one holding breath for sometime.
Daniel Craig though in posters did not look like a Bond, hes got a good physique and when he runs it was relatable to Robert Patrick running in the movie Terminator 2. He does look little aged but that does not deter in anyway in his acting.

The opening song sequence also is not of typical Bond movie opening song. Its more of a normal movie type. Lot of us wait for this opening song only.
The Bond theme also is not played even once in the entire movie except in the end.

Leaving these two apart, this is definitely a must watch movie. And do note unlike Pierce Brosnan who used to adjust his neck tie after a fist fight, here this James Bond does get hurt and blood does come out of his face!!

I just finished the first day first show, would be looking forward to watching it again soon. Maybe more than that, just for the stunts.

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