19th November, morning 5:30 @ Raheja Arcade, Koramangala Bangalore, my bro and myself reach in our ThunderBird. We find about 4 bullets already. Some more are yet to come. By 6:30am there are 13 bullets and Willy’s jeep comes last. We start off giving that area a scare with thumps from the bikes. Next stop is at Shell Petrol Bunk in Bommanahalli for few bikers to fill the tanks. 2 more bullets join over there and then begins our journey. Everyone on the road was looking at us which is quite obvious.

Our next stop is at A1 Plaza, the eatout joint in Reliance Petrol Bunk in Hosur. Well, petrol outside Bangalore is cheaper and it makes sense to fill the tanks anywhere outside. In Hosur the price is about Rs.3/- less.
After the halt and photo sessions and filled up stomachs we start our engines again this time with the jeep being the point.

Once you cross Krishnagiri away from the 6 lane towards Dharmapuri you encounter absolute bad roads. The roads out there have worsened after rains past few weeks. This stretch of 40+kms tests one’s patience and also driving skills plus pothole’s avoiding skills.
Most times when you are at good speed its better to drive over the pothole, braking can cause damage.
Once at Dharmapuri and you turn right towards Hogennakal the ghat roads become better. There arent any potholes. There is a toll gate with charges Rs.10/- for bikes and Rs.40/- for cars & jeeps. We finally reached the place around 1:00pm. The delay was due to few more stops waiting for few bikers to join in.
The waterfall was just amazing. Walking over hanging bridge there reminded of hanging bridge in Bangalore!! We took a boat ride around which I didnt want to, it just gave me a headache because of the heat.

One other biker who is a localite of Hogennakal arranged for food so afte the ride and a good bath under the waterfall we just hogged. Well the waterfall at one particular point, felt actually like rocks falling on you. The flow was that heavy, not many ventured into that area though there were rods for holding on to.
By 4:30pm we started our journey back and we just wanted to touch the 6lane before dark. Potholes filled roads at night time with high beams just makes it damn difficult for driving. How much ever we were unable to beat the diminishing light and had to drive for atleast 40mins with lights turned on. After this stretch it wasnt difficult to reach Bangalore.

There were no incidents or accidents during the entire journey. Luckily rains also stopped to allow us to drive and have a look from top. because till the earlier day there were rains.
Well, how did we guys meet up?? We belong to Orkut community “Royal Knights”. If you have a bullet and want to join, head to the community by clicking here.
It was little sad that I was not able to carry my camera as it is under repairs. Am still awiting others to upload their pics.

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