Great Indian Tamasha

Well am not commenting on Indian Laughter Challenge or anything of similar nature, but this is about Indian Cricket Team. With lot of pressure guys like Dinesh Mongia was included in the team and Suresh Raina was still persisted in the team even though Raina’s scores in recent times looked like international telephone number only.
Why are Indian batsmen cant play on bouncy tracks. I feel this is more the mindset than the actual batting. In the nets why are they not practising against short pitch deliveries which come to chest high. These guys should also practise playing the pull & the hook shots.
Considering the conditions our selectors are more concerned about politics rather than the game, otherwise with what logic would they omit VVS Laxman from the team for such kind of pitches.
Sehwag needs only one match to get going but no one ever understands when that one match is going to come.
Sachin is struggling to cross 50 runs. Public pacifies itself with words from Dravid that he is in good touch.
Dravid is the only batsmen who is able to play applying his mind also.
The bowlers well less said the better. Kumble as always is the only committed bowler, bad for him hes never a permanent name in the one day squad.
Dinesh Kaarthick a wicket keeper is taken into the team to strengthen the batting and is expected to run & field while all these years he would have never run till the boundary line to pick up the ball.
Its surprising how Indian bowlers are unable to bowl bouncers and trouble the batsmen. Zaheer Khan is awfully lacking in stamina. Harbajan Singh, well he should learn to bowl rather than keep talking. Irfan Pathan needs many more chances but never know when he would bowl properly.

Indian bowlers should learn from Glenn Mcgrath, in the first test of Ashes Series this year and in the first innings except two delieveries short of length and two at full length remaining all were at good length spot. Check out his age and see how much of stamina he has to bowl continuously without any break.

The Indian public, as said frequently memory is short. One win and all losses are forgotten. Spend about 8-10hrs sitting in front of TV watching the entire match and another 8-10 hrs commenting on the game, with varied set of friends.
If the amount of money and time invested in cricket is spent in some other sport we would have world class sportsmen in other departments.
While cricketers make money like free flowing water, athlethes are struggling to pay coach fees.

I am just hoping that I see a day when other sport bodies in India become more prominent than cricket.

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2 thoughts on “Great Indian Tamasha

  1. I think the problem with sachin is that without Saurav he feels a sense of insecurity and hence his poor showing.

    Wht r u doing- counting the number of deliveries that Mc-Grath bowls short and full-length balls?

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