Amway and business – Part 4

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Whenever a new guy joins this group he has to bring with him a list of contacts. These contacts would be called by his upline and briefed about the business without revealing the name (if done so people then run away). Apart from this list these guys think they are doing aggresive business. They ask the new guy to give his cellphone and they browse through the numbers and pick up every Tom, Dick & Harry.
A cellphone is private to a person and would have lot of personal numbers why in the world should one give numbers of close friends?? How can these guys grab the cellphone and note everyones number??
Agreed its a networking business but is this the actual way of networking??
Agreed the intention is to help everyone in making money but at what cost, losing all close friends. Whether people realise the potential of making money through Amway or not but people do run away when they hear the term Amway.

By rough calculation, approximately a guy takes 3-4 yrs to make big money. Which is actually quite short time given the kind of business that is done. If one sits and thinks, in these 3-4yrs he would have lost almost all the friends, the friendship which he might have built from his school days.
He makes new friends who are part of this business. You go out with them, chat only with them. Everytime you talk its all about money. How to make more money, how to call more people to join, what kind of products to sell.

When they meet new people a thought keeps running in the back of mind, how to call this guy to show the plan and which product should we sell to him. Perfectly fine, but there is just one thought process running in your mind.

After 3-4 yrs when you are making more than sufficient money every month, you would not be spending the money but conserving it. Now you can relax a bit but can you call your old friends with whom you have lost contact. The friends made in these 3-4yrs through Amway can you sit with them and chat?? They are busy looking for new clients.

Is it actually worth all the pain and struggle. In the 3-4yrs would the person have gone on vacation. Would he have sat down with his family and had a good laugh without thinking about making money.

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2 thoughts on “Amway and business – Part 4

  1. I am not writing a comment on anybody’s opinions. The reality of life is you have to lose to gain sometimes even your close associates/friends. In business, this has to be done. It does not mean that it happens only in networking business. One example: If u are having traditional business, Shareholders will be happy only when company grows because profit is the bottom line of any business.

    Rule 1:-
    You have to make strategic decions in networking business also if u want to take it seriosly For ex:- target for sales in specified period.

    After all convincing is the most difficult thing to do in this world even with ur close associates.

    Rule 2:-
    You should choose the business according to ur capability else don’t ever join the business and come on it’s not a job.

    Rule 3:-
    Networking business is less risky since u don’t have to make big investments and no time restrictions which i like the most
    and u can do it along eith the job.

    Rule 4:-
    Remember everybody is not going to succeed in everything. Someone has to loose and someone has to win.

    Rule 5:-
    Remember 20% people succeed over 80% people


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