5 reason why Amway is not for me

Click here for Part 5 of the series.
Amway does not work for anybody and everybody. Typically why Amway does not suit me.

1) Their way of working would hinder my daily schedules.
2) They sleep late in night which means it is difficult for me to get up at 5:00 in the morning and go for my 10-20km run. Which would inturn mean a stop for my Marathons.
3) This schedule also gives me no time for my gym workouts.
4) Could hamper my weekly quiz I attend on Thursday’s, though someday I might miss it.
5) Would leave me with less time for socializing with friends built over period of time.

This is the concluding part of Amway series.

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21 thoughts on “5 reason why Amway is not for me

  1. I love the way you explained all things only people who knows how much importatant their life is and how to enjoy it!
    can answers like this even i believe the same!
    cheers money dosent matter’s life does!

  2. Hi,
    Have you tried Amway products?

    I want to know, how you have a live clock and flickr.com ad on your blog & the visitors online check. Please help me as I find it very cool and I want try to do the same for myself
    appreciate it.

  3. @anon
    am not being stupid… maybe i would stupid if i join the business

    thnx man.. finally we need to enjoy life with whatever money we have..

    i’ve used amway products.. i’ve no comments on the products…
    you can send me a mail & i can give details..

  4. Hai you all three n sathish,

    Y This post is just for the Amway y not common for Direct Selling Companies that includes Tupperware, Amway, Avon – The Company for Women, Oriflame…

    I have no idea about Amway how they prepare their associates to work. But in common Direct Selling companies their motto is to make some money in your leisure hours.

    If you take Avon which is said to be a Leading Direct Selling Company in the world with 134 countries operation, they dont ask you to invest money, or force you to work late hours. Just pass the info about the products of avon if the person liked it do ur business with them thats the story.

    So please dont discourage people n the company.

    Your reason’s are good enough for you to avoid doing Flexible business. But there are people who lookout for some additional income to run a good life.


  5. @swetha
    thats the point am trying to drive at.. a guy who is just making aroun Rs.200/- a day & not able to feed his family, this business makes absolute sense..
    he has the time & he is also in need of money.. when you are already earning about 40k-50k & wife is also earning equal amount whats the need??
    a guys with no money needs some desperate measures to make money & not guy who already has lot of money..
    i once met a mechanic from Salem who has made big thru Amway business, i would definitely support guys like him in this.. not other maniacs..

    • This guy you met in Salem must be one of the smart ones. The so called “maniacs” are the ones who join the cult-like Lines of Sponsorship, or LOS, such as WWDB and TEAM, who teeter on the legal/illegal line. Some people get crazy into that, but any people with morals will run in the other direction as fast as they can. Amway is NOT the bad guy here. I like to look at it like the monkey in the middle, and the people involved in the LOS are assbags that make the business look bad.

  6. I do not agree to your point 5. You will not need socialising time with your friends because you may not have friends anymore… ha ha ha as written here

  7. Hi Satish
    Your article was an eye-opener for me. I have given commitments to a friend’s friend who kind of gate-crashed to my home with his wife on one fine day morning. It was lot of sweet talking from his part that i couldnt say no to his proposal even though i wanted. The next day i read your article and realized what is lying ahead of me. Thank god, i was about to put lot of my frinds also in trouble by signing-up for their so called ‘Business’. What astonished me was that, the guy never talked about the products that we are supposed to distribute, instead he focussed completely on how to make money without doing any work provided we toil for 2 or 3 years. I thank you whole-heartedly for such an wonderful article. I would recommend a wonderful article on ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’ to the readers of this blog. http://www.ceibs.edu/knowledge/ob/9361.shtml

  8. You can get conned into becoming an Amway representative. More than selling their products, you will be concentrating on finding more and more people who will sell the products and therefore you could potentially get a commission.

    That makes you stop folks at supermarkets, at malls whereever and u begin to convince them that that is the right way…

    Soon folks will begin avoiding you and running away at your sight.

    Bottomline – You will become like a drug addict looking for a fix – always looking out for the next sucker…er…customer

  9. @anon
    good to know that my article was of use to you.. yeap, these guys do all those goody goody talks but finally u fall into the trap if urnt sure what they are leading you into..
    wld ‘ve been gr8 if u could have revealed ur identity..

    thats a nice comparison with becoming a drug addict.. other day i met a friend of mine who is in amway & he went to a restaurant not for eating food but for meeting new people & brainwash them into joining this business…

  10. u are talking aboutmalls or superbaazaars.

    when one correctly, by chance, understands about amway , they will realize that it is a mall only. Additional advantage is whatever ur friends buy, from that also u gets a share back, with their permission.

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  12. you know everything happening outside…then how come you are broke…working for some body?????? easy to comment on a business…takes guts to succeed….I was browsing in Forbes.com…..none of your names are listed…..how come you are not wealthy then..? I could find 127 self made dollar millionares from Amway…..

  13. @satish
    dont just think of money.. get a life… dont be a loser… money is not everything… there are certain things in life which cannot be won thru money…

  14. “money is not everything”- how do you know…?

    all millionaires & billionaires are respected for simplicity in the backdrop of richness…there are lot of beggers who are forced to live simpler…they wont be respected anyways…what is life without money…..staying broke…keep cribbing always…getting upset after every appraisal….life is having time & money….i know money cannot solve everything..problems will be there in life anyway…so why to be poor & have problem..its better to have money & problem….

  15. Dude,
    You seem to have been affected by this virus badly:)

    Let me put it in a blunt way from my experience – I have been harassed a million times in the valley here by these “pyramid structure” promoting morons.

    Also, Isn’t direct selling a little different from the pyramid structure of selling? Someone confused this between the 2 in your coments section.

    Another thing is even non-Indians in the valley are aware of these scams and ignore them in malls here!

    Yet another thing, I have noticed that these guys start right at the schools with some grad students who have just arrived from India and make a bakra out of them. Fortunately, I managed to escape their lasso.

  16. Hi Guys

    Mind in one thing that stupid guys cannot understand the life they want.They will allways choose to be rate in there life,

    What i can say abt it?????

    sorry sathish

  17. All you Morons complaining about the business and missing friends and family over business, you guys are sucker from the world economy. You guys dont create wealth, you guys are useless to any country. You are just waiting to be burried/burnt.
    Dont get me wrong but have you ever built any kind of business ???? You have to forget everything for the perioid of time until you become successful enuf to take out some time from business.
    Please act, talk , be an entrepreneur/leader. India needs more entrepreneur/leader, not looser and sucker like all complaining people here.

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