Amway and business – Part 5

Click here for part 4 of the series.

Is this business really required for guys in IT industry. We anyway earn money which is sufficient to run ones home. While making this money, personal interests/hobbies which were pursued till that date or forgotten. Of course once into this industry about 80% of people dont do anything in their free time. They do not want to do anything new in life. So, they join this business when shown that one can quit the day-day job in 4yrs time and earn money for ever without doing anything worthwhile.
When these guys ridicule that they do what their managers ask them to do, what exactly are they doing in this business?? Someone told them money can be made, they took it up. Someone tells them what they should do, give contact numbers, call up people, they do. That someone who brings them in replaces the Manager in office.
Creativity, excuse me whats that?? Whats creativity got to do in this business. It all depends on how many people one can convince to join.

Of course this is a very good business for people doing jobs like mechanic, plumber and so on who belong to that category. For them they need money to eat even 3 meals a day. When they get into this and make some money it can fetch them that required additional amount.
But, of course most of the people in that category are sufficient with what they have and build their dreams within their reach.

Unlike them, people working in IT industry build so many dreams without ever thinking about reality. When reality strikes them they take up Amway business which looks very lucarative.

Unless a guy takes a dip into it, he would not understand how this business works. The business model is good, quite lucarative but does not require you to be creative, no strategic decisions.

Guys, apart from money just take some time to think what you would gain in 4yrs time and what you would loose in 4yrs time. The loss would be more than the gain. Is money everything in life??

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16 thoughts on “Amway and business – Part 5

  1. I guess you are right Sathish. However it depends on what is “Enough Money” for oneself. I was recently reading “Business and Economy” Magazine, where there is a guy who earns 9000 per month as salary but owns half the companies in Erode(Textile), for him he feels that is enough, but for others that is nothing. So it is a perception I guess

  2. @young J
    when one goes more behind money he would have lot of trouble in his sleep.. in initial days his sleep is always filled with how to make more & more money.. later when he gets them he needs to safeguard them against everybody including Tax Authorities!!!!

  3. Dear Satish,

    If you cant talk good about something or someone, atleast refrain from talking negative about it. I dont think you have been appointed as an expert critique on Amway business, so stop percolating such half-baked, crappy and unuseful information to the innocent masses, especialy on such public forums. Let people decide for themselves what they wanna do or not do in life, while you just myob.

    By the way, one would be a big fool if he tries to teach people how to swim by himself staying out of the pool.

    Lastly, opinions are like under-arms, everybody has them but they stink terribly. so keep them to yourself.

    Cheers !!


  4. @kedhaar
    you need to read my blog clearly before posting such a comment.

    Check out the footer in my blog which reads as below
    “The contents of this blog reflects my personal thoughts, observations, and opinions. It does not necessarily represent the positions of any other person or entity”

  5. Dear Satish,

    Now this is unfair. You think I would have been hasty and impulsive in posting such a comment, even before I completely read thru the contents of your post ??

    In any case I am strongly of the view that public forums should be properly used to propagate generic and socially relevant and useful information, instead of personal thots and opinions which are pretty much biased. Most people are so shallow and fickle minded and if they read such stuff, even though you have put a disclaimer, they will definitely get carried away in the wrong direction. And it could so happen that such business could have worked for them but guess what, after reading this it surely wouldnt.

    Think about it !!!

    Cheers !!


  6. hi satish,

    Money is not everything, provided if you have enough of it. Donot think u are a genius clone. I am building the business being a scientist. You say, 40K to 50K is big money…is that’s all you are worthy of….inside you are broke…u look like an absolute idiot to amway business, i donot know when u will be kicked out of ur so loved job….then absolutely you will be a pluber or takes guts to suceed…go out spend your time in gym building useless mass in ur body….anyway ur bank balance is zero….IT guys…u will face the life more badly than anyone if you donot understand residual income…..

  7. @anon
    i can understand how coward you are by not revealing ur identity..
    can you anon guys think for a minute when was the last time you sat with relatives or friends without the thought of Amway coming in the mind…

    As a scientist, i feel bad that ur not putting ur thoughts in right direction.. while you can do wonders for country you invest in making money..

    money will be there today but might go away tomorrow, this is one life you got.. whom ru making so much money for??

  8. Satish,

    Amway teaches how to build relations & keeping it growing. That is very difficult for a 9 to 5 ordinary employee to understand. Business mentality is different. If the owner of your company sat with all his relatives in socialising parties, you would have been on the roads today. Dreamers own something of their own & hire employees like you to work for them. I know you are made out for job. Tell me, what was the last charity cheque you wrote being in Job…honestly…you cannot…you yourself is charitable. If cannot give what you donot have. So donot give the pose like a socialistic hero, all your relatives will come socialise & eat..go…your average thinking depends on the people you associate with. Check this, nobody with whom you spend your time is a self made millionare..becz if he has he would not have mingled with you….he has much better choices than being with broke people who talk abt situations…antreprenuers talk about dreaming & making it happen…you cannot understand this thought process anyway..i am not a coward…you can check what I am in my webpage…search for scientists in, will find it….sorry to say..that you belong to chennai….stay working for somebody’s dreams…We are building a great country,..with self relaible people, not to beg with Govt or MNC’s…check out the list of all the top 100 richest people in India…nobody works as an employee with dog tag….they own their own business….god only can help you..realise….

  9. @anon
    i still consider u guys to be cowards.. why should i look into some shit site when u cant reveal ur name..
    ur afraid..

    i am also happy how u guys are being reactive to my analysis..

  10. satish,

    we are not cowards. My name is also satish. But see the difference of thought procees in my mind to your borke thought. Keep doing what you are doing….even your kids wont listen to you becz they know” who is rich dad” & who is “poor”..our website is not shit..your brain is shit…i donot know how you will lead your family..god only can save them….ask them to look out for a good source of security…anyway you will be chasing the monthly paycheque…remember..even if you win the rat are “still a RAT”..i would recommend you to read RICH DAD, POOR DAD by robert kiyisaki….hey man, atleast few people should live better life becz of you…nobody has been recognised as a great software programmer..of the century…but wealthy people do make the difference. Nayway why to comment on your bored old thoughts….If i fight with the pig, both will get dirty & pi loves it….got the point…take care….hey there is a opening in chennai for 30% more salary for you…jump…jump…jump…hurry up man…..

    satish (wealthy)

  11. @satish (anon)
    am happy for you.. & gud ur wealthy.. hope u give enuf money for charity apart frm sitting & eating all by urself..

    FYI, am part of 2 charity organisations & i dont need ur f* comment on this..
    never comment without knowing abt the other person nor without sufficient knowledge..

  12. hi satish, why are you angry man..cannot handle the conversation….just cool..
    read this very useful to all “employees” like you….

    “When I speak to adults who want to earn more money, I always recommend the same thing. I suggest taking a long view of their life. Instead of simply working for the money and security, which I admit are important, I suggest they take a second job that will teach them a second skill. Often I recommend joining a network marketing company, also called multilevel marketing, if they want to learn sales skills. Some of these companies have excellent training programs that help people get over their fear of failure and rejection, which are the main reasons people /j are unsuccessful. Education is more valuable than money, in the long run” -Bill Gates…

    so whom to listen…The richest..or the medoiocre….anyway all the best for 40 years plan: Getting up at 6, go to work, come back….

  13. JOB Means JUST OVER BROKE. How come educated people like you behave like this satish. If job can make all dreams to come true, you need to have really a small goal like a small rented house in some remote part of the city,everybody in the home lugging waters from the ground floor, compromising everything in life.

    More than anything no influence in life. Nobody looks up to you as a role model. Thats the exact reason most of the parents are warning to their children “donot become like me” become like Gandi, ambani or NRN. Inspiration comes when you have a purpose in life. Benjamin Franklin says ” most of the people die at 25 merely burried at 60″.

    nobody who is working for somebody cannot be successful because you are working for somebody elses dream. They grow, you work for them as a slave. India is not still free, because everybody is still slave for time.

    We are not the people who talk always about money, we do it only for three years & forget it. People like you have to think rest of the life…..only if you cross birthdays you grow physically…grow mentally…this is the high time…..

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