Paramasivam (Tamil) – Movie Review

Ajith has a new look but quite a dispropotionate look. His face is little big for the thin structure he has got into. Its commendable that he has shed lot of fat and looks far far better than he was in his earlier movies.
But he has chosen the wrong script to make a comeback. His movies of recent times were all flops and this movie in which he has acted with Laila, PrakashRaj has lot of loopholes to be fixed.
P.Vasu as the director did a good job in his earlier copied movie Chandramukhi but makes a mess in this movie.

The storyline is very simple. With lot of IT Outsourcing happening to India there is a plan to disrupt it by Pakistan sponsored terrorist organisation. They start of by trigerring a 20kg RDX in Coimbatore and thats just begining. Since whatever discussion happens within police goes somehow to terrorists, our SP PrakashRaj finds an unkown guy to do the job. He is the one man army, none other than our Ajith. How he goes about and kills the mastermind behind blasts and also the human bombs forms rest of the movie.
What movie is there without a heroine, so in comes Laila, educated only till 6th standard. She has no role except dance with our hero and run with hero in the climax scene. Of late, heroines are made to run in Tamil movies. Poor souls.

The worst sequence in the movie is when Ajith and PrakashRaj eliminate the terrorists and their head who hold the DGP and his family hostage in their house. You might laugh during this scene.

P.Vasu should have come up with a better script and better storyline. The opening shot where Ajith looks akin to Vikram in Anniyan is just too much for him.
The background score nor the songs impresses the audience.

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4 thoughts on “Paramasivam (Tamil) – Movie Review

  1. The worst sequence is the climax bike chase…. ohh my god.. thats ultimate..

    except one song music is a big let down.. satish is very correct, the screenpaly should have been better esp since it’s Thalai’s comeback film.

  2. @vasu
    thnx for seconding my comments… i can understand how painful u wld ‘ve felt on watching this movie of Ajith.. 🙂

    its not worth watching at all…

    i can do a review of Rang De Basanti, but i’vnt seen it yet. probably, u can watch it & post a review for me!!! 🙂 🙂

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