Fly the Good Times

The caption is of Kingfisher Airlines. KF is currently flying domextic flights in India. Its not dirt cheap but flight fares are cheaper than Jet Airways/Sahara/Indian Airlines. By auction the ticket price came close to 2070 INR.
I took their flight from Bangalore-Mumbai and back last weekend. The flight from Bangalore-Mumbai was very comfortable. There are no different classes for passengers. Its 3 by 3 seater plane with about 25 rows. The air hostess are pretty good looking and also very courteous.
Before take-off Vijay Mallya appears on the screen. Each passenger has individual screen. This is one airlines which treats its passengers as guests and not as passengers which means the service would definitely be better than other airlines and of course it is.
After breif welcome by Mr.Mallya, our well known Czech Yana Gupta makes her appearance to tell you about the safety features.

There are about 6 channels of video and about 7 audio channels. You can be updated of time to reach destination, the altitude at which flight is flying, distance for destination and the speed of the flight.
But I should say that the values displayed for above parameters are not updated regularly. While returning from Mumbai the altitude value remained the same even while landing!!
The channels were showing the same video even though there was 2 days gap between my travel which also calls for a change.

You are given a pouch which contains
1) Refreshing tissue
2) Pen
3) Mint-o-fresh
4) Candyman chocolate
5) Menu for breakfast/llunch/dinner depending on time of flight
6) Headphones

You also get a bottle of water and a pack of juice (Apple or Orange only). Thats quite nice. Liquor is not allowed in domestic flights in India so dont expect liquor and complain.

The food is quite good supplied by Sky Gourmet caterers. I didnt see any reason to complain about the food.
Of course they do maintain the time of flight and there is delay only if there is technical problem with the flight when an alternate is provided or due to air traffic.

On the whole its an enjoyable experience and you feel at home flying in KF. Fly the good times and keep flying.

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One thought on “Fly the Good Times

  1. Quoting Vijay Mallya, KF is gonna target the high class fliers and does not want itself to be classified as a low budget you feel this price hike would work out in the indian scenario?
    Anyways it was a well written first time experience on KF. Eagerly awaiting u’r review on Illaya Thalapathy’s AATHI… 🙂

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