Bangalore Vs Mumbai

I dont think the two cities can be compared. But when I looked at the life in Mumbai and after seeing life in Bangalore for 4yrs I thought I should share something.

1) I woke up late on Monday morning in Mumbai (habit of staying in Bangalore) and went down I thought the whole city was walking up and down to catch the next bus, train, taxis to reach their destination. At the same time in Bangalore I find few cars on the roads and none of the roads are busy at that time.
2) In important bus stops in Mumbai one should stand in the queue for boarding the bus. Something you dont see in Bangalore. I personally do not like to stand in queue for boarding the bus. In Mumbai, if you are not part of the queue and want to board the bus, you should wait till the end of queue is reached. Shucks man.
3) Unlike in Bangalore where people are relaxed and lazy, in Mumbai people are more active and they got their priorities straight.
4) There are no suburban trains in Bangalore which is impacting the traffic flow which is not so in Mumbai.
5) I was surprised to see big roads without any pot holes and speed breakers. In almost important places, the roads are wide enough and people can just zoom through. If you are hit forget it, I dont think anyone would help you they have to reach their office in time.
Same is the case in Bangalore people dont help so easily. But the roads are small and with so many signals, you can zoom through. If you dont find a pothole then probably your are flying in a plane and not on the roads!!
6) If any event happens in Mumbai the people come out to the streets in big numbers. Picture this, when running the Marathon there were people everywhere, buying and giving something or other to runners. A band is playing drums all the time. People are aware and people encourage sporting activities.
Marathon was conducted in Bangalore also last year. The crowd was those of runners in the starting point and enroute there were people at 2-3 points. The people in the cars were impatient and wanted runners out of the way.
7) The traffic in Mumbai was stopped for 7hrs on the main stretch and no one complained. Everybody did their part in encouraging the runners.
In Bangalore traffic was stopped and regulated, all drivers pressed hard on the horns, shouted at the police.
8) You see somebody and smile in Mumbai they would smile at you. In Bangalore try it, you might get a scorn look. People are more friendly in Mumbai.
9) In Mumbai buses the numbers are not written in English, if you are from different place its difficult to understand.
In Bangalore the numbers are written in English, you wont have any problems in reading that.
10) Everybody in Mumbai thinks you know Hindi. Not so in Bangalore.

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39 thoughts on “Bangalore Vs Mumbai

  1. I have been long time reader of Your blogs, it’s nice

    Bus numbers in Bangalore is in numbers only, what about the routes they are plying, it’s all in Kannada only,it hard for the people who doesn’t know kanadaand staying in Bangalore.It’s Been Difficult for them to know in which route they are going.

    As For as I know , in chennai only, Bus number and routes they are plying are written both in Tamil and English.

  2. @sathish
    am not comparing TamilNadu & Mumbai which is why I did nt mention how the boards read in buses in TN…
    But in Bangalore, though the names are in Kannada the numbers are in English so its not that bad…

  3. Yes The greatest problem in Blore is the buses. All of them are in kannda. If you have to go to a new place and you dont knoe the bus numnber god helps you.

    Another irritating thing in blore is the way people ask where are you from. They will ask “Tumhara Gaon kaha hai” as if Blore is the only city in this earth.

    No matter whether u r from Mumbai, delhi or Zumritalaiya, its all the same for a Blorean. It a Gaon

  4. hey sathish,
    nice post. i’ve always known these facts about mumbai and b’lore and nice to see that someone else also has observed the same things 🙂 b;lore – karnataka in general- is a lazy state. what say?

    abt “gaon” – this reminds me of an anecdote. it happened to my cousin who is a prof in Stanford. His wife has a high profile job too so they had engaged a cook for the house. she is a punjabi taxi driver’s wife who knows only pure punjabi and a tad bit of hindi. once when my s-i-l(whoz a punjabi) was outta town on business, this cook wanted to convey something to my anna, so she calls him on the cell. seeing the home # being displayed, he picks up in the middle of a meeting and this lady asks for “Diddi” anna said “Diddi gaon me nahin hai”..after that the communication problem was fun.
    so Palo Alto, the place where the cost of living is 3rd highest in US, became “gaon” 😀

  5. Hy,

    First of all the Bus no in Mumbai are in Marathi at the front of the bus and in English as the side (i.e. the rear end of the bus) may be you have not obseved this.

    Anyways this was a nice Blog to read on. Its been a long time since i have heard something good about Mumbai. There are a bunch of delhi-ites (in my office) who are always praising delhi and showing bad to Mumbai.
    Anyways keep bloggin.

    • well i have been to mumbai recently dude and believe me i also landed up thinking that delhi’s better …. coz delhi’s got wider roads , the best thing abt delhi is it does not look so crowded and has bigger apartments and looks awesomely clean yaar ……… those are the only reason i wud say i like delhi better than mumbai rest i donno abt how ppl are there in mumbai maybe better than delhi ………

    • Hy,
      Nice discussion!!!
      I like it all the description. But yes my frnd you had given the right information. in mumbai, all the bus no are written in Marathi/Hindi only at front side & in english at side of the bus also with the location.So you wont find any difficulty.

      Bt for blore’ if u dont know the bus no , then ur goneeee…..

  6. @hrishikesh
    one can check with others in the bus stop for bus numbers!!
    as for ‘gaon’ part, i’vnt encountered anything as yet.. probably those guys dint knw the correct words to ask…

    thnx fr comments.. was quite hilarious on Palo Alto becomming an ‘gaon’!! 🙂

    there is no pointing in writing the number in the side of the bus in English. if i see a bus at a distance and want to catch it, i look at the front board and if it has passed me i look at the back side… if i cant understand these two how am i to check out the English version in the side of the bus when it has passed me!!! 🙂

    Probably, some day i would do a comparison of Chennai and Mumbai and Bangalore!!!

  7. Rushi was right, Sathish you misundersttod his point. He said that “Bus No.’s are in English as the side (i.e. the rear end of the bus)”. It doesn’t mean that the BUS NO. in ENGLISH are on exact rear of the bus.(Though BEST-BUS SERVICE COMPANY in MUMBAI has started to show them on rear too.) It means that it’s on side of the bus just beside the rear door. And in Mumbai everybody follows the rule to get up in bus from rear door and and get down from front door. So, the english bus route nombers are always visible, if you are in position to catch the bus, i.e. at side rear door.
    But, surely BEST should look towards displaying bus routes in english too.

  8. Mumbai people more friendly than Bangaloreans? heheheh nice joke.
    I can only see bias in ur article. if you are a Mumbai-ite, u like ur city more than any other, if u r from Delhi, u vouch for it. We just dont know how to be unbiased and balanced in our opinion isnt it?

  9. Hi There how would you compare the cost of living between the two cities? I am coming to live in India early April, at this stage hoping to go to Blore. What is the cost of a 4 bedroom fully furnished apartment. Also the cost of schooling etc. Thank you.

  10. @sriram
    if i run to catch the bus from front imagine my plight!!!

    – why do u have to run and catch the bus from front. Just wait .. the bus will come to u.. or else get in queue and catch another one.

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  12. Bombay is dirty city , smelling all over. We dont know what language they speak. every where you go is slums. Bangalore is home for educated people , Mumbai is full of bhaiyas , theives and rude people. Always sweating through out the year stinking people. Never would bombay be like bangalore full of cultured and decent people educated to the best.

    At the airport instead of trees we see jhuggis all around. In Bangalore it is a decent city much much better modern and livable city as compare to that slum. mumbai is not even worth discussing.

    Mumbaikars are friendly : “ Raj thakaray…or whatever is the most friendly INDIAN. we respect his sence of unity in diversity:

    Mumbai is nothing but an over hyped city struggling to keep its hype alive. great historic mumbai flood,1993 blasts and local train blast….

    In a city like Mumbai, there are open-garbages, stray dogs, hawkers, filthy roads, open gutters, high vehicle to per-km ratio, non-PUC vehicles, incessant honking, diminishing parks, gardens & greenery

  13. Bangalore and Mumbai?? Ofcourse Mumbai any day, Infact Mumbai over any city in India. It is the most cosmopolitian city here in India. Its always the people who make the city, you wont ever feel like a stranger ever in Mumbai. Raj Thakaray can suck my balls..even mumbaikars hate him, but Raj Thakaray does not make Mumbai. People fail to realize that there is a lot more to Mumbai than the slums and bollywood, In Mumbai ppl stand in queues, drive in lanes.. its not something great ..but try finding that in any other city in the country. Dharavi the biggest slum of Asia is in Mumbai..but these people also add to the vibe of the city..its these workers and their hands which build the skyscrapers of the city. Dharavi in itself has lot of small scale industries in itself and the total turnover form the industries in Dharvai is 650 million US dollars per year..which is equivalent to a small country and it paying the major chunk of taxes to the country’s exchequer. Hell i knw of a vada pao vendor who rides a Suzuki Hayabusa ( shocking but true. )
    It is really the city which never sleeps..other cities can try to be like the maximum city, but there is only one Maximum City, City of dreams and oppertunity..Mumbai.

    • The earlier comments by the so called “Indian” are a mere reflection of the frustration in the minds of the ‘educated’ bangalureans. They are a bunch of arrogant agitated show offs who want to be known as being cosmopolitan but are far from it. the fact that he refuses to see that great cities are made of great people demonstrates the egalitarianism in the typical bangalorean. Today do u find a single bangalorean who first introduces himself as being from Bengaluru? No. they still stick to the same old name because they’re afraid to acknowledge their Indianness. they are too hifi to be known by some ‘local’ name…. on the other hand, one finds Mumbaikars proudly introducing themselves as being from Mumbai. In fact they use Bombay and Mumbai freely and interchangeably without any shyness.
      Bengaloreans are simply too arrogant.

  14. Hello,

    Myself from south india Andra, but brought up in Mumbai.
    Currently working in Bangalore.

    Mumbai is best city of India. Excellent infrastructure – wide roads, excellent public transport, green trees, beautiful lakes and gardens support this. Navi Mumbai (new bombay) is a great planned city.

    Bangalore is hot, dry, dusty and barren. Whole place is polluted, people have no concern for environment. BMRCL metro has chopped all trees. BDA, BMRCL,BBMP are useless. Traffic jam God knows!


  15. hey guys….
    i am proud to say i m a bangalorean…. i have nt seen bangalore people being rude to outsiders… i believe we accept outsiders very well.. n thats y people are heading towards bangalore and its getting more n more crowded.. if it was nt like that… it wud hav nt grown so much… i saw other comments where people said abt some ‘gaon’ n stuff.. lemme tell u nt all people are educated.. n uneducated people will not know any other language except their mother tongue.. bt still u can see auto drivers and bus conductors trying to communicate with their broken hindi, tamil n telgu or english just to understand what u r trying to say.. n ya its crowded because it was an unplanned city.. even bombay is crowded… someone said abt bad roads.. bt they have improved a lot… that way I can say horrible drainage system in mumbai… bus numbers are in english and so are place names … if u dnt knw where that bus goes u can always ask the conductor.. they will tell u… just having one or two bad experiences does nt make the people of the city to be rude… nw being in US and seeing the student group i see lots of mumbai students… all the time degrading southern india…n that too nt even having visited the southern part of india… it sometimes frustates me… being in US we need to think we are indians n not which part of india we belong to.. y do they differentiate india like that? do u have any answers? bt just because of few idiots you cant say bombay people are rude.. n if u try smiling at an uncle in bangalore i m sure he will smile at u.. bt if u try giggling around a girl she may definitely give u a stare.. we follow a different culture unlike mumbai.. for me India is a land of diverse cultures… there is no way u can say which city is better…… so stop arguing like this

  16. Bangalore or Mumbai? Neither.. obviously Delhi.. or saddi dilli!

    Does it need to be official? OK. Check the report of the latest CII analysis. It says Dilli is the best!

    Women dont like Delhi..? go check the blogs women have for delhi! They love it!

    Roads.. are the best in Delhi, please dont talk about mumbai or B’lorean roads. Chennai is pbbly the best competition we have!

    Infrastructure.. so mumbai is the commerce capital right? Must be very rich.. shiny and neat.. infrastructure must be… awe-ful! Come to Delhi to believe it, dont go on my word!

    Power… Delhi controls your fuel prices and hence all prices for everything else! Delhi is not a port city so it does not get Oil directly( shud be more expensive) neither are any refineries in the neighborhood. But fuel is cheapest in Delhi.

    Crowd.. ur shahrukhs and Akshay Kumars and Priyanka chopras are all from Delhi. Ask them where they are from?

    Delhi is also the greenest city of India.

    People of Delhi are aggressive and like it rough! Visitors are pussy’s and cant understand it and take it for rudeness! Well we are that way and we like it too!

    “Kaun Jaye ghalib,
    Dilli ki galiyan chod kar”

  17. I have grown in Bangalore and have been visiting Mumbai often…Now am settled in Mumbai for 2 years!

    There could be no bigger fan of Bangalore than me…I love the city 2d core in all aspects…crowd, weather, a more westernized culture, the party scene, darshini hotels, Brigade road, Forum, Garuda and a lot more…

    When I came 2 Mumbai, I was fasinated with the energy levels…The only city open all night…I love Mumbai too…I stay in Juhu; however, I now prefer only South Mumbai…I feel calmer like Bangalore and you have the plus point of living in a place where anything is available at any point if time!!!

    Yeah the weather sucks…

    Butt can’t get it all….

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  19. Hahaha its make me laugh that Mumbai is Friendly city.. I have been 2 Mumbai for five times… Its one of the worst city i ever been ppl r very rude they r not helping nature and etc.. Bangalore is 1 of the best India city 2 leave as it is clean the weather is kick ass over here ppl r very friendly here… N Bangalore ppl are very much well educated then Mumbai…. Education matters a lot…

  20. i think bangalore is better than mumbai…mumbai is too
    horible… peoples are too bad behave..drainage system is too poor…we cant walk in mumbai…that much of smell..,mumbai is too conjusted.. most of the mumbains are un educated…,they cant understand english…if we asked anything thay will give answer bbur………what is this …??? thay have any gass problems…??? all mumbai peoples are demanding mumbai is the capital city of india…..??????????????ha ha ….never..!!!
    first they have to provide proper toilets,drainage systems, water supply to slump peoples….now also they are using road side as toilet…in india we cant see any where…!!! in mumbai i cant see any good fly over ,good roads like bangalore…!!in mumbai they are using expired bus for transportation,in banglore we can see volvo,benz,tata marco all are good
    air conditioned…Mr satish fir st u visit bangalore…!! then u will comprae bangalore with newyork not mumbai..!!!

  21. watevr d system in mumbai buses , it is always bettr to b wel equipd…n i knw how d buses stop @ d bus stop….its either much earlier to stop or farther in almost evrywher in india…so its bettr to knw d no appropriately..

  22. @ comparin d statistics b’lore is nt much poluted as mumbai so as indians we shud conserve it ..n not let it go to dogs ….

  23. You cannot compare both cities, bangalore is 1/4 the size of mumbai, and mumbai population is 20 times that of bangalore. Basic ammenities like water and electricity is in abundance, even slums in mumbai get proper drining water for free. Whereas in bangalore even posh locality don’t have proper water and electricity. Even if crowded mumbai has proper and organised public transport since more then 60 years. Bangalore even today runs a few junk buses in name of public transport and maintainence is the last word in their diary. These are the basic facilities needed to be called a city in the first place.

    British used mumbai as their business hub and bangalore a place to relax because of the cool weather.
    Today mumbai is still the business hub … but bangalore has lost the charm of being a relaxed city. Sudden IT growth is forcing the goverment to develop the infrastructure need in a chaotic manner thus bangalore loosing its original charm. Where as mumbai will grow into a international city with planned infrastructure and soon vanishing slums, bangalore is going to the dogs with corrupt politians looting money from the world in name developing bangalore.

  24. If Mumbai and Bangalore were similar, then they would have been called either Mumbai or Bangalore and not with different names. certainly every city has its own traits. But being a Bangalorean who loves Mumbai city too, I cannot accept few comments made here.
    Those who said Bangaloreans are rude…please get your facts right. As one of them here mentioned earlier, Bangaloreans follow hospitality with utmost importance. The best example is the inflow of people from every nuke and corner of the country and abroad and refusing to leave the city. When they see an outsider, they make an attempt to speak to them in your language and not in Kannada.Thats the reason people who live in Bangalore for ages fail to learn the local language. In such case if a person asks you which goan he means which city, so that he can help you with your tastes. FYKI Hindi is not the regional language here. Dont assume things by stating Bangaloreans are show offs. Please dont take their kindness into weakness. I have been a journalist and about 90 percent of crimes here are done by an outsider. Just because of those criminals we do not term every North Indian or an outsider a criminal. And those who said Bangaloreans are rude, I think you havent met a genuine Kannadiga from Bengaluru and the ones whom you have encountered might be of your own city…. please check. I havent bad mouthed any city, but i stand for my city and shall not accept anything wrong. Decided to type this so that people know what Bangaloreans are through a true Bangalorean.

  25. compared to all the other cities in india. chennai (madras) is the best city. bangalore is the worst city.
    bcos the culture of chennai is best when compared to all the cities inthe world.
    chennai is the first corporation in india &in the world after UK.chennai have a lot of great wonders but bangalore may not have any wonder.

  26. i’ve been to bith mumbai and bangalore both the city are at it best. i love mumbai more than bangalore because of night life and the speed of life

    bangalore is the fastest growing city in india no doubt about that the bus transportation is amazing in bangalore and city is very much influenced by western thoughts and ideas. and most of the rock or heavy metal bands have performed in bangalore. it is rock capital of india, it has most number of pubs in india and even it is called as beer capital of india

    both the city are best but personally i love mumbai.

  27. compare to mumbai banglore is nthng the royal life of mumbai is all time bst than any other its called the bst4 in the world banglors gud bt nt the best mumbais good and also the best

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