Mumbai Marathon – Not proper

It was shocking when I heard that the Mumbai Full Marathon would start at 8:00 in the morning while the Half Marathon would start at 7:00am.
Anyone who runs knows that it is diffcult to run the Full and it does not make sense to keep it late. Its more distance to cover and takes more time. The management cannot expect everyone to run with the sun on top of the head.
It might not be difficult for professionals but not everyone is a professional runner.

Why is that the Mumbai Marathon management did not give much thought to this fact. What is it that they enjoy by seeing people run in the hot sun, even if it month of January.
Having been conducting marathons for many years now, I think they should have a given a second thought with respect to the timings.

In case someone out there reads this blog and finds the below bib numbers, just say Hi

Jacob : 565
Tanvir : 552
Shyam : 950
Mine : 903

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One thought on “Mumbai Marathon – Not proper

  1. I could not have agreed more with you, Sathish. Most of us non-professional runners would be finishing this around 12:00 to 1:00, while for similar half-marathoners, this would be by 9:00-9:30, thats a big difference!

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