New Year party – Le Meridien

Le Meridien hosted a party as always for this New Year. The entry was Rs.2200/- for stags and Rs.3000/- for couples. This was valid for unlimited drinks and unlimited food.
They had two halls with different music, one playing Indian and another Techno-trance. As expected there was more crowd in the hall playing Indian music and had more space. The other hall was of lesser capacity but accomodating more people than it could.
The music was pretty good and the atmosphere was also good with everyone dancing to the tunes. There were people dancing even in the corridor. The evening was really electrifying.

Not everything was fine in the end. The exhaust was not proper, with so many people smoking the halls were getting stuffy.
They did not do the normal countdown to the strike of 12:00, instead gave a warning 50secs before and kept playing the music. (They should definitely improve on this)
There is always a problem when unlimited drinks is supplied. Indians and foreigners drank beyond what they normally would and just vomitting everywhere. Some stoned to the floor, some vomitting in the toilets, few on the floor. Some like me had a narrow escape before they opened the tap!! Some had to be carried out. No gender bias, guys and girls were equally drunk. Many managed to find space to lie down there.
Whats the point in drinking so much and spoiling all the fun, the intent for which they come to these parties??
What about the guys who have to clean the mess, dont they want to relax on New Year??

The hotel guys had a tough time managing the crowd who wanted to rush to the dinner hall. Probably, the hotel management should have arranged a bigger hall for serving dinner. All drunk and in need of food, due to lack of space in the hall, they were allowing people in a number of 10.
Some banged on the road to get in, finally the police had to be called to control the crowd and this further reduced the fun part. Everything had to be winded off by 3:00 in the morning.
This was definitely a problem with hotel management. If you give about 6000 passes not everyone will skip dinner and go home. Having paid the money, I would definitely want to eat and go. Such a small place for serving dinner is definitely not a good idea. Either they should have not allowed so many people or should have made alternate arrangements.

It was a awesome party which had a bad ending due to overdrunk public and poor management by hotel. Hope things improve in future.

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