Indian Perspective

For anything and everything we normally look towards the West for a solution. Lot of good and bad around the world. Out in the West the perspective is to fix something immediately while in Indian perspective there is nothing immediate, with time there is always a solution and a permanent one too.
There could be a lot of overlap between the two worlds too. If we look at things more deeply there is a strong grass root in our Indian methods and practices. None of them has a shortcut though! 🙂

One thing we need to understand also is that the civilization is not like that of the West which is something of recent ages. There would be lot of mix of culture into what is being done and said. It is well known that the civilization in the Indian sub-continent is one even long before that.

There has been lot of interest from the West in the Indian practices and perspective. Though I believed in our system of the past I was not clear on certain things and there were doubts. I relied on my own style of following things.

3 persons or events or however you name it have made me feel more strong about our Indian methods of talking to body, mind, emotion and energy and our way of treatments.

One style of treating ailments is the Ayurveda. Typically in Ayurveda deals about preventing than in instant remedy. Ayurveda also says that every plant, every leaf, every root has a medicinal value. And every fruit is to be consumed. Just because of diabetes one shouldn’t restrain from eating banana. And so on and so forth.
In that line came in doctor Adishesha. He is based out of Mysore and does a visit to Bangalore on Sunday. We took our mom for a treatment and today she is free from sugar. The best part is long term medicines can be made in home itself and consumed. I also went for a check-up and within a minute he would diagnose what is the problem. He does a pulse check, checks for symptoms within the tongue. Both these combined would indicate any problem in the body.
A google search may not return his name. His mysore clinic address:
Opp Udaya Ravi Printers
No 1314/1 First Mn Rd 3rd Cross
Near Ballal circle
0821 2424212

Yoga the ancient art of stretching body and bringing all elements together by breathing patterns. Sadhguru Jaggy Vasudev, hailing from Mysore but a yoga center in Coimbatore. His specialization is imparting Shambhavi Maha Mudra, inner engineering.
One can search for Isha Yoga on internet and find a lot about this program and other programs. What Sadhguru talks is nothing new or something which has not be spoken about by anybody else. What made me interested was his talks aligned with my thoughts.
I, of course wouldn’t plunge completely into Isha Yoga. Practice wouldn’t stop.

Last in this line is treating any body physical ailments by exercises. A proper stretching and concentrating on the required muscle. Recent times when my elbow started paining, I wanted some cure for it. I do not put down orthopedic doctors. They are good in their own way. But for someone like me who also does running, cycling the doctor needs to understand and connect to what am saying. For this the doctor himself should either a runner or a cyclist or a swimmer or one who dedicates some amount of time in a day for physical exercises.
In that I learnt about Dr. Gladson Johnson who runs a clinic by name Attitude Prime in Jayanagar, Bangalore. He gave only set of exercises for me and they do seem to have an effect. He has treated patients with slip disc and got them into running full marathons.

There is something that one would notice a common characteristic among all three above. Each one has a name in their own field of expertise and none of them have an ego or an attitude towards people coming to them. Something which is a cause of problem all around us. There is lot that can be learnt and a lot that can be un-learnt when one talks to them. Don’t blindly believe in me, experience it and then you would also believe.

3 thoughts on “Indian Perspective

  1. I literally Searched for DR.ADISHESHA, WONDERFUL PERSON, FOR SKIN ALLERGY I TOOK MY SON TO HIM, he used to come to bangalore – malleshwaram that time nearly five years back, wihtin a minute as you said sir, he checked my son’s pulse gave some medicines, he got cured after that i gave the address to many of my friends they too said – free from the problems felf very happy. But recently again same problem for my son went to many place for treatment for no use, and also he got belief in Dr.Adishesha, i tried level best at last got the address of chamrajpet, went one sunday early morning at 5.45 itself surprised to see the peoples from hyd. chennai OMG, Dr. came but could not meet him we did not get the token till date iam trying his no. but its engaged or switched off. we planned to go to mysore.

    thanks with smile.

    • sir take this # 8971247256 call him on thursdays between 7.45am to 8.30am his number continiously comes busy try for it he comes on sundays only to chamrajpet school -ABDUL KHADER

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