Tentative riding plan

Bangalore – Pune (thru Chitradurga, Hubli) (835kms)
Pune – Mahabaleshwar (120kms from Pune)
Pune – Malwan – Tarkarli (via Kolhapur, 248kms + 166kms + 6kms)
There are two access roads to Malwan from Kolhapur. One is via Gaganbawda ( Let’s call it GB) and one is via RadhaNagri – Phonda.We took the GB route. So from K’pur, it was GB ghats, Vaibhavwadi, Tarele, Kankawli , Kasaal and to Malwan. The distance is about 166 KM’s.
Malwan – Devbaug (8kms from Malwan)
Malwan – Karwar (thru Goa 546kms, no halt)
Karwar – Bangalore (via Shimoga, Chitradurga) (520kms)

Karwar – Shimoga – Sagar (heard Sagar is nice place but bad roads, need to find accomodation sombody’s house) (non-commercialized) (Sagar is an option, 72.4kms from Shimoga) (3rd October) (night stay)
Shimoga – Bangalore (thru Chitradurga) (380kms)

The trip is planned between September 27th till October 4th. Any inputs are welcome.


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