PubRock Fest 2007

Live music always rocks. Yesterday was the first day of the pubrock fest here in Bangalore. This happened at Pebble near Mekhri Circle, Palace Grounds. It was jazz music all night. Martha Taylor sang some few good jazz numbers. I like the song “Just Friends” by Don Patterson.
After this the Amit Heri band took over. These guys were all instrument guys and a pleasing soothing music just flowed.
All in all it was a night filled with better music than head banging!!

PubRock Fest 2007 is happening across 8 cities in India. You can check up the dates for your city by clicking here.
In Bangalore the other dates are:
Date : 27th August, 2007, Show starts @ 1900hrs
Bands: Kryptos, Myndsnare, Extinct Reflections
Venue: On Da Roxx, Banglore

Date : 28th August, 2007, Show starts @ 2000hrs
Bands: Superfuzz, Something relevant
Venue: Opus, Bangalore

Date : 29th August, 2007, Show starts @ 1830hrs,
Bands: Panatella, Synaps, Cyanide
Venue: Le Rock, Bangalore


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