Horsley Hills Ride

A small hill station in Andhra Pradesh. If you search on the web you would get this. But when you ride there are no sign boards except when you reach the bottom of the hill before ride up a board “Welcome to Horsley Hills”. That there are no sign boards put up shows where we lack in tourism promotion.
Our club Royal Knights owner decided a week back this would be our destination for sunday ride and so about 12 of us in 8 bikes assembled.
Close to 390kms is what we did on one single day. We took a longer route while going from Bangalore which made it about 240kms and while returning we took the correct route which was about 150kms. The roads in the shorter route is not great by any change. There are pot-holes everywhere and you need to be careful. This is where group riding helps. The guy in the front always points to where the pot-holes are that the guys behind can avoid it.
Forget the pot-holes, long route, the ride was just great with a perfect weather. It was cloudy slight sunshine at times but never a drop of rain. We had lot of pit stops, for breakfast, for pillon riders to cool their legs and general breaks. There was also not much traffic on the roads, not that it was Sunday but the time we were riding in the morning, most trucks would be stopping for their quota of breakfast.
In the morning it was because of me there was a delay of start. We were supposed to assemble at Barton Center in MG Road at 6:00am, after couple of almost sleepless nights I woke up only at 6:00am!! Luckily, everyone was waiting and I reached at 6:45am to start the ride immediately without any further wastage of time.
We never sped too much or went slow to spoil the mood. On most occassions, we were doing at around 70km/hr the perfect speed for a group ride. It was so windy that we had to balance our vehicles. The winds just left us wondering what would have happened if we drove some other bike??!!
I would say that its a nice place to visit for a weekend, tho there are not much one can go around for sight-seeing. And definitely, you would notice the weather change from heat 10kms below to cool above.

(When the bulls meet!!)

(Royal Knights on top of world!!)

(Riders with tamed bulls)


8 thoughts on “Horsley Hills Ride

  1. @kashyap
    thnx da..

    u can always envy me… sometimes it luks like an overkill also..

    thats not me da…

  2. Hi Satish,

    It’s good to see U all on the bikes with so many friends, must be an enthusiastic ride!!!!!
    Let me know any other rides……….

    I have browsed ur site a bit, I shall make it complete the days to come.

    Though I din’t browse ur complete site….. I suggest U to provide atleast the minimum necessary info as, accomodation, food, etc.,

    Wishing U great rides ahead, make ur every aspect of life successful
    All the very best

    take care

  3. Good to see you all in bikes as i remember i used to go like you when i was young about 20 to 25 years back.Even today though i’m a retired, i go in my car with family for a long journey like Kerala,coorg,chithradurga,Bellary,Goa,Karwar etc.Go ahead guys and all the best for the happy riding.Nice photos, but wht about your gals?Dont they join you?Sorry please!!Just yesterday i came from Punnami resorts, Kuppam but could not find a ny peacocks and elephants on the road as given in the brochure.The city agents duped us and that Haritha hotels do not maintain properly.

  4. Hi guys Satish and Kashyap,lovely photographs of Horsley Hills.Keep it up..You help us to know about that lovely place.But can you tell me which is good and correct route to reach Horsley Hills in our 4 wheelers..Is it gud to go thru Hoskote,Kolar,Mulbagalu,Madanapalle then HH or thru Kolar,Srinivaspura,Royalpadu,Madanapalle thenHH?Pl also guide us whether we take eatables and self cooking items?Please also guide us whether the hotel food in Punnami resort is good or not .Howz the hotel accomodation? Clean and punctual?

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