Avial – Recipe

Avial is primarily a Malayali dish but a favourite of others too due to the taste. Its not difficult to make this. Easy to prepare and can be consumed with anything that you can think of, rice, dosa, chappathi…

Ingredients: (Depends on size, the below are taken with medium size)
1. Drumstick (1)
2. Potato (2)
3. Brinjal (3)
4. White pumpkin (200gms) (Ash Gourd)
5. Beans (100gms)
6. Carrot (1) (If required)
7. Peas (50gms)
8. Green Chillies
9. Coconut
10. Curd
11. Coconut Oil

Cut all the vegetables to medium pieces. Add water to the curd and make sure its not very watery mixture. Put the cut vegetables to the curd mixed with water. Make sure that the vegetables dont get completely soaked in the mix and the mix is also not less. Around 250gms of curd you could add 2cups of water. You could also add sliced green chillies. Add salt based on taste and requirement. Normally one spoon would be enough for above quantity.
In the meantime, grind coconut with green chillies. Add green chillies based on how spicy you want it to be.
Boil the vegetables till they are cooked properly. Once boiled, add the above mixture and mix it up. Add 2 spoons of curd and mix. If it is too watery you could add a spoon of rice flour or wheat flour.
Make sure of the consistency and there is not too much of water.
Reduce the flame/heat and add coconut oil about 3 spoons. Mix well and take it out of the stove.

Nice, aromic avial is not ready to be served.

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