Bengaluru Marathon

The first Bengaluru Marathon after Bangalore Marathon 8years ago. I had no interest in participating and did not register also. Few days before the event my friend asked if I wanted to and he had an additional bib. Was tempted to run and accepted the offer.
Today, the day of run, I ran to the venue since there was no one up for car pooling who responded to my post and I did not wanted to take out my vehicle. It is a distance little above 6kms from my home and was not a big deal. Only issue was lack of light on the road and I was not sure where I would be landing my foot next. So in all I ran the 6kms in 36mins. Did a little stretches and was ready to start after meeting old friends and relatives.
I wanted to run in the most relaxed manner. If I was running for myself I would have had definitely ran faster. I ran with a friend initially along with the 5hr bus and then left him after 5kms I think. My strategy today was to eat lots during the run. So I grabbed biscuits, bananas, cup of water and electrolyte and took it really easy. Around 20kms mark I asked for time and I was still within 2hrs from start meaning less than 6mins per km. I was not slow even though I spent sufficient time at water stations and refreshed myself. Around 27th the devil in me stuck again and told me very strongly to go home. The biggest reason being the route was right behind my house around 27th-29th kms.
After 2kms I finally decided to give in to the devil and ran to my home! I did not get the medal but I was happy with my performance. I had run around 29.5kms in 2hrs55mins.

It was a well organized run. It always helps when runners organize the marathons since they know what is required and how to manage. Congratulations to all my friends who managed their personal best timings.

Inner Ring Road was one great stretch to run today. All the army guys came out stood by the side of the street and they kept clapping continuously motivating the runners. It was a great sight to watch and pass through.

The Bangalore Traffic Police did a commendable job by closing the traffic. Like always the public will voice out and curse the runners for blocking the traffic. Hypocrites they are who would not complain when roads and traffic are blocked due to some political activities and they would even go a step further to cause damage to public property.

Hoping that there would be one more marathon next year and this would not fade away like the previous version.

Promoting business by spamming?

Spams on comments section of blog posts are nothing uncommon. Only that it gets irritating when the comments keep appearing on post after post. Luckily I had put an mandatory approval for comments on posts. It was very innocent or looked nothing wrong when first two comments were posted and then it became regular.
Not sure but after my tweet it did stop! All the comments were from same company! To give a glimpse of how they spam the un-approved comments are below:

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Heidelberg, Germany
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Very nice photos.

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Lesvos Island – Greece
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Trip to Barcelona
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Amazing photos.

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Heidelberg, Germany
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Athens – Greece
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Manali 2 Leh – Day 0 & Before
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Thanks for sharing this information.

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Manali 2 Leh – Understanding the body
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I have visited wonderland in bangalore it’s very nice.

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Wonder la – Amusement Park
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Manali 2 Leh – Understanding the body
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It’s nice thing. Did you cover that 50kms in a single day?

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Chennai Trail Marathon – Ultra Marathon
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Thanks for sharing for this information.

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Manali 2 Leh – Day 0 & Before
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Luxe Cinemas

The best part about watching a movie in Chennai is the pricing! And when you are there and there is a movie you want to watch just go and watch. You would save quite some money and get greater experience compared to here, especially if you are watching in Sathyam Cinemas. We chose the best movie to watch “Annabelle” in the best screen “Luxe” and best timing of night!

What we did not expect is 50+ teenagers who would almost jeopardize the experience. They would hoot at all times, scream at odd times and other times. All this disturbance made one not feel the exact moment of chillness with that perfect background score.
I wish the management would take care of these nagging issues and such crowd behaviour. Complaining to the manager is the near best thing the only thing that held back was missing the next sequence.
Hopefully next time around I would not be experiencing the same behavior.

Today apparently when I was searching about the movie I found an interesting news item in France.

Annabelle – Movie Review

After watching the movie “The Conjuring” it is required to watch this movie. Especially when you the doll and its hypnotizing eyes which pulls you.
I would not want break all the suspense by giving the story here. There are certain sequences where chills go down the spine all the way to the leg!
The cult and the demons which cry for a soul. Only a sacrifice could save the family.

No sleepy moments, tight script keeps you engaged and concentrating. The best part when audience thinks the moment is in this particular scene, the director does not deliver it but in the next scene. This is quite good movie.
My rating 3.5/5.

Running with companion

It is not usual for me to write a blog about my practice runs. Today was a very different run from all the previous runs. Its always a different feeling when you have someone for company and this guy who accompanied me today in my morning run was very different.
Days when I feel like running shorter distance or if it has rained previous night then I head to office and run inside the campus. Ous campus is quite big that one loop around would be little more than a km.
Like any other day I started my run after switching on endomondo (mobile app for tracking). Few hundred meters down this guy saw me and ran immediately towards my direction. I took few seconds off to say hi to him and we both were kind of glad to bump into each other.














After our initial welcome message exchanges we both ran. He stopped in between few seconds to catch his breath and sips of water. I stopped in between for few sips of water. He waited whenever I took a break.
In the end when I thought enough of running for the day and also felt little bad for the little guy, I had ran 7.5kms and I was not slow today unlike other days. I had ran this distance in 36mins and that little guy would have ran with me for almost 7kms at the same speed I was in. Maybe he was giving me training to run faster and run better! :) And we both were running barefoot!
With nothing to feed the boy, I gave him glucose water which he licked from my hand and drank from my palms. Later he followed me and was waiting for me before others asked him to go away.
Maybe another day I would see him and he would train me again!

Click here for todays run tracking on endomondo.

Chennai Trail Marathon – Ultra Marathon

7th September 2014 marked completion of yet another Ultra Marathon in the year 2014. The distance I covered was 50kms.
The previous night I reached the venue with my school mate Arvind who was running 21kms. We reached the venue of Gojan Public School around 10:00pm and after a quick round of dinner searched space for sleeping. After sleeping for some time, I woke up thinking it was 3:30am and time for getting ready and get in line for the run. Apparently it was just 2:30am. I went to the toilet only to find that there was no water in gents toilet. At the other end of the wing in ladies toilet there was water flowing. At that time of night does it really matter. I finished my work to find more people standing outside.
Noticing it was still early I clicked some snaps of volunteers getting ready for their work and went off to sleep in the kitchen.


In the meantime I had changed to my running attire too. I woke up later and finished remaining activity of getting ready and was in warm-up section.




5:00am we were off as planned and that was a good thing. But it was not so great for me. I find it difficult to run without sunlight for navigating through the terrain. There was slush around the initial kms thanks to previous night rain. It was definitely not that bad as it was in 2013.
After few kms finally there was some sunlight. After losing pace in first few kms, I got into rhythm. It was steady and I was enjoying the terrain and the route. I did not stop to click any further photos. It was really an exciting trail. It had mix of running through canyons, top of dam, fields, forest, vast expanse of land and some tar roads.
There was even a house who were rearing ducks and I took a moment to look at them. By now I was also making up on time. I was almost on track of 6mins/km. I was increasing my pace, grabbed chocolates, ground nuts and lime with salt and oranges from the water stations apart from regular water and glucose. Everything was going fine. When I was crossing 29th km into the 30th km I had taken around 3hrs which was good and was feeling proud of myself. Then slowly started the build of acidity in my stomach. I wanted to burp but it wasn’t coming out. I was finding it difficult post 33rd km mark. I pushed a little. It was tough and I slowed down to walk from 35th km till 42nd km. In the 7kms of walking I was thinking of dropping out and give up after 42kms.
I reached the 42km mark took a U-Turn and got a nice ice pack massage. Then I thought if I could come till here let me push myself to finish the 50kms.
I took off and managed to reach 44th km mark. Some more refreshments and I reached 46th km. I took a nice water shower. And I was feeling fresh. I did not stop after that. I ran the remaining distance to cross the finish line. The timing was not what I had in my mind earlier. But I managed to finish in about 6hrs and 20mins. I was happy that I did not carry “Did not finish” tag.

Overall the organizing of the run by Chennai Trekkers Club was amazing. They did not leave any stone unturned. Be it marking of routes with directions, marking with km markings, volunteers, water stations. Everything was taken care to last detail.
Now looking forward to next run to be conducted by CTC and also not to fall short of fitness during the run.

Manali 2 Leh – Day 0 & Before

Cycles were packed by RR Cycles, Madiwala and sent by Air India Cargo at a price of around 1000INR from Bangalore to Delhi. It is definitely a lesser price compared to charges by Blue Dart or other agencies. Landing at Delhi on 2nd August we pick-up the cycles from cargo section and later in the evening leave for Manali.
Before on the day we go around Nizamuddin in Delhi with a friend of one our co-cyclist. It was a informative walk around.



















After a sumptuous lunch we take our bags to board the bus to Manali. The cycles are still boxed up and put inside the bus and off we go. There can be questions at checkpost’s or state borders regarding the cycles. Maybe a slip from the cycle shop would ease matters. Especially packed cycles leave a doubt of new cycles being transported which could attract customs duty.











Once we reach Manali in the morning we have our driver Ravi with the tempo traveler waiting for us. From there we head to Ride Inn. Wow what a stay. Very hospitable couple and who are very accommodating and always smiling.


We get our regular meals also here and very tasty too. The places makes you feel so cosy and comfortable that it is not probably a good choice for cyclists. So much of relaxed attitude puts a slight break into the mind and delays the start out. Nothing wrong with the place. It is just very good and one of the best places to stay when in Manali.
Sunday in Manali is not a good day since most shops are shut and buying groceries is difficult. It also amounts to a loss of day.




To keep the body in rhythm we go for a short run in the morning.












We use the time to assemble the cycles. Its not a very difficult task.
Yes initially it takes time but as time goes by it becomes easy to assemble all the cycles and keep them ready. And we do a short ride to check if the cycles have been assembled properly for the final touches.

Finally it did look like we would start the trip following day, 5th of August and it does look like our bodies have got acclimatized and we start our dosage of Diamox!