PK – Movie Review (Hindi)

Aamir Khan and Anoushka Sharma have done a good performance in the PK. PK is actually a word used for a person who is drunk. Aamir Khan is a guy who comes from different planet to research about Earth. Fortunately or unfortunately he lands in Rajasthan and is stolen of his only possession which is also the device to go back to his home.

What follows is a hilarious take on superstition and our blind faith in God. And how we put so much money in the name of God but not to feed poor kids. There is loads of humour in the way he follows each religion and the practices to get what he wants.
Stealing clothes from dancing cars, doing “anga pradakshana”, breaking coconut, serving wine…

Do not worry there is entertainment factor in the name of songs and emotions too. The director could have done without songs unfortunately this is bollywood.

Songs are just fine though I do not recollect the background score now.

The script does loose down a little in the 2nd half.

Bollywood goes to prove that they can make even aliens fall in love, sing a song, shake the leg! :)

In the end we humans teach one important thing to any other species, “To Lie”!

The movie is one time watch.

My rating 3/5.

Chennai Marathon 2014

This run was very important for two reasons:
1. 10yrs ago around this time was when my brother Shyam asked whether we should start running marathons graduating from 5km runs.
2. I had gave a word to my wife I will run this marathon in less than 4hrs. There has to be an improvement from previous runs.

I was doing exercises regularly and doing regular runs and slightly confident of doing a good finish. Last two weeks most of the time I was having cold and was not able to run regularly like I would have loved to.
I was shocked when I learnt that start time for The Wipro Chennai Marathon was 4:00am and unlike last year no run inside IIT Campus. This would also mean running into 21kms and 10kms runners mid-way.





Morning of the d-day I was up by 1:30am and finished some stretches taught by Gladson and applied little Himalaya Stress Relief Oil. I reached quite early to the start point which was Kasturibhai MRTS station. I met Tanvir Kazmi who did motivate me that I could finish in less than 4hrs. Tanvir was also a pacer with 5hrs bus. I had a target time of somewhere between 3hrs45mins – 4hrs:00. Later I met others from my office part of SAPRoadies.

The amazing thing about TWCM is on dot start. Sharp 4:00am all full marathon runners were flagged off. I moved over ahead of 4hrs bus with pacer Peter Van Geit from Chennai Trekking Club. First 5kms is always bad sometimes for my mind. I even ended up thinking that I should do more of Ultra Marathons and leave Full Marathons. The route was great so far moving towards Besant Nagar Beach and then towards Marina Beach. Was going steadily I believed. At times I was feeling dehydrated and thankfully there was a water station with even chocolates and bananas.
The learning from Mumbai Marathon 2014 helped a lot. Not to allow to get dehydrated and to keep hydrating regularly. I took few sips of gatorade at every possible aid station and water at some others. Apart from helping myself with some chocolates and bananas!
After Chennai Trail Marathon I deliberately stay away from lime and oranges in the initial kms of the run. U-turns and straight stretches and long runs I was doing pretty comfortably. At every u-turn I would want to ensure that 4hrs bus do not cross me and to be almost a km ahead of them.
After 30kms was a little nightmare because I was running into the crowd of half marathon runners. They were many running in same direction as mine and many many in the opposite direction and not to mention half marathoners walking in the middle of the road. It was difficult to move through this sea of people. I drained a bit of energy asking people to move to the left and banging my hand on elbows of other runners. This was tough stretch.

Now I was getting mentally drained also. I pushed myself towards 40kms mark and was feeling the tiredness and pain on my shoulders. Took a quick break and also applied volini spray. A definite no-no next time. The burning sensation was not an easy one to bear with. In the end towards the last few kms I could have maintained pace for a finish in less about 2mins or so.

Eitherways am happy with my performance.
Bib Number : F132
Name : Sathish Krishnaswamy
Category : OPEN
Gender : Male
Start Time : 04:00:13
Split@9 Km : Reached at 04:48:01 with Net Time :00:47:49, at an Avg Speed of 11.3 kmph
Split@14 Km : Reached at 05:17:02 with Net Time :01:16:50, at an Avg Speed of 10.93 kmph
Split@14.5 Km : Reached at 05:21:24 with Net Time :01:21:12, at an Avg Speed of 10.71 kmph
Split@22.5 Km : Reached at 05:55:03 with Net Time :01:54:51, at an Avg Speed of 11.75 kmph
Split@26 Km : Reached at 06:11:34 with Net Time :02:11:22, at an Avg Speed of 11.88 kmph
Split@28 Km : Reached at 06:28:31 with Net Time :02:28:18, at an Avg Speed of 11.33 kmph
Split@35 Km : Reached at 07:05:01 with Net Time :03:04:49, at an Avg Speed of 11.36 kmph
Finish@42.197 Km : Reached at 07:54:42 with Net Time :03:54:30, at an Avg Speed of 10.8 kmph
Gross Time : 03:54:36

Positives of the run:
1. Water stations at almost every 2kms mark.
2. Chocolates and bananas and dates at the aid stations along with gatorade, electral and water.
3. Sponges dipped in water though I did not use it.
4. Traffic management. Excellent job by the traffic cops and the police to maintain discipline by road users. And the public did not honk at any point of time or point and abuse for running and blocking traffic.
5. Cheering squads at many different point and volunteers.
6. Separating different sections to distribute medals to runners.
7. Volunteers who would take cups from you and put it into dustbin and there were volunteers who would collect cups from ground and put them into dustbin.

Improvements for future:
1. To ensure that runners of different categories do not clash. Maybe a slight changes at peak hours where most runners are expected to be at a particular stretch.

Thank you organizers. Looking forward to TWCM2015.

Palak Ambat – Recipe (Modified)

Palak ambat is a konkani special typical mangalorean.


Palak – 1bunch
Onion – 1
Red Chillies – 8
Grated coconut – 1/4 cup
Tamarind – Marble size
Toor Daal – 6spoons
Curry leaves


Boil the toor Daal and add a little turmeric powder. While the Daal gets boiled cut palak and onion.
Dry roast 6 pieces of red chillies. This along with tamarind and coconut grind it nicely into a paste.
Now in a pan pour little oil and add mustard seeds to it. Add 2 red chillies and curry leaves. Once fried add onion till the color turn’s golden. Now add palak and salt as per taste and allow it to boil.
Once palak is 3/4th cooked add the grinded paste and then the smashed Daal.
Allow it to boil. After couple of mins of boiling the palak ambat is now ready to be served with rice.


Where are we heading (3) – Perversion and abuse

In Ramayana, Rama had gone out, Sita like a deer and sends Lakshmana behind the deer. In the meantime Ravana comes and kidnaps Sita.
In Mahabaratha, Draupadi is brought to the court of dice game and her saree removed forcibly.

From the epics women had been ill-treated and men were responsible for it. This if we say is culture then unfortunately we are teaching wrong things to kids and people.
What is missed out is in the time Sita was held captive by Ravana he did not do anything to her. He was a gentleman in that sense and everybody talks only about Ravana kidnapping Sita. Rama is claimed hero while Ravana is big bad guy.
In Mahabaratha, Krishna is proclaimed as hero who protects Draupadi and the Pandavas are given clean chit.
In both the epics the men were not able to take care of their wife. And thats our culture! Even after humiliation the women should be caring for their husband. (This we can look at later)

In today’s world men abuse women at every instance. A girl child inside school premises (Bangalore schools), ladies in a car stopping to buy ice-cream (MG Road, Bangalore), girl abused after being wrongly accused of causing an accident (Mysore).

In the past the reason for rape was attributed to attire of girls and women. This was against our culture, the dress triggers the men. So rape happens. We were blaming the women for not following culture. In that case what did the kid of 6yrs and below in schools do to be abused repeatedly by men?

Second reason attributed was influence of alcohol. Men under the influence of alcohol raping a girl or even 6yr old kid is fine, a girl assumed to be under influence of alcohol would be beaten up in any accident. Men just look for reason to lay hands on a girl.

It all boils down to what we have been taught and how we are taught. This to all those who attribute going against culture as reason.

Secondly most men are perverts whether under the influence of alcohol or not.

Thirdly men should also realise that we are weak. Remember we are the ones second to dogs pee on compound wall of any locality.

Squat Exercises

Today morning a guy in the gym called me when I was doing dumbbell squats. He told me that squat exercise is to be done with barbell and I could do lunges using dumbbell. He was concerned that I was not doing the right thing. I would not comment on his physique and he is a typical guy who is used to lifting heavy weights. And he thought I was a novice in the gym since I do not spend more than 30-45mins in the gym without any fight for the weights or the wait time, nor do I spend my time chatting with many people. Normally its just a few exchange of words that too without disturbing my workout.
Then I explained to him few types of squats, full squats, half squats, wide leg squats, single leg squats. It also got me thinking whether is that all and a simple Google search told me there are 40 squat variations!! I would not do all variations and stick to what is required for my running schedule and fitness.
To know all the 40 types, click here.

Where are we heading? (2)



Personally this looks very much racist. Ebola does result in death if not treated correctly and the transmission chances are more. To know more click here. Why would hunger be equated to Ebola? Both are completely different topics with no relevance to each other, even if any does not make sense at this juncture.

When we talk about poverty and Ebola is treated due to rich people then one should also account for how much food is wasted by households in every country. If people don’t waste food (either cooked or raw) how many more people can be served.

If rich people is an comparison for Ebola then what about all other diseases? For instance AIDS?

Ebola assumes lot of significance especially in a country like India too. We have this strange desire to spit everywhere on the road, piss at any roadside whether with wall or without. If a guy/girl has contracted this virus clearly it would spread.

Rather than giving correct message to the public putting up these kind of photos on Facebook only shows narrow mindedness of people. Do grow up guys. Use social media for better purpose.


In the name of “AMMA”

This is to all Chennaites or Chennai vaasi’s.

There are already implemented Amma Canteen, Amma water. Coming soon Amma Theater, Amma Salt, Amma Market. We also have Amma Thitam by which housing is provided. There is so much in the name of Amma.

My one request to you all is when you take your motorbike out in the morning or evening or anytime of the day think of your OWN AMMA for a minute. Take that freaking helmet out and wear it.

Stop execuse’s like “its hot”, “its humid”, “hair will fall”. All that does not matter when your head itself will fall off and your body goes home to crying arms of your OWN AMMA.

Wish the police would also get stricter.